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Dairy wants consumers to come back to milk, farmers to share #milktruth

Dairy wants consumers to come back to milk, farmers to share #milktruth
New Milk Truth website, campaign aims to drag consumers from almond milk's grip

With a new website and social media campaign soliciting help from real farmers, the Milk Processor Education Program is on a mission to regain milk's dominance as Americans' protein drink of choice.

Consumption of fluid milk has been waning. According to 2014 data from the USDA Economic Research Service, consumption of beverage milk has fallen from just over 30 gallons per person in 1970 to around 20 in 2012.

According to ERS, fluid milk is being pushed out by the growing popularity of carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices and bottled water. The MilkPEP campaign is an effort to regain those consumers.

New website, campaign aims to drag consumers from almond milk's grip. (

Julia Kadison, MilkPEP CEO, told the AP this week that the new campaign – which features five key benefits of milk that focus on its production, nutrition and advantages over non-traditional "milks" – aims to control misinformation stemming from a study in the British Medical Journal that suggested milk consumption could lead to earlier deaths and higher incidents of fractures.

The study took hold online.

"I said, 'That’s enough,'"Kadison told the AP. "We can’t have these headlines that 'Milk Can Kill You' and not stand up for the truth."

The new website,, offers shareable information about milk, including:

• Milk is an affordable, convenient and accessible source of essential nutrients for all family members.
• Milk provides nutrients without excess fat or calories
• Milk offers a range of health benefits backed by research
• Milk is not easily replaced by rice or almond milk beverages
• Milk is "real, wholesome, and local" as 97% of dairies are family owned and operated

Dairy farmers and ag industry joined the action on Twitter Tuesday. See below for a selection of their #milktruth posts.

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