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Custom Work Helped This Young Farmer Return Home

Custom Work Helped This Young Farmer Return Home
A wide variety of skills helps him branch out into doing various jobs.

Dan Arnholt, Bartholomew County, worked in the energy industry for years, first as a specialist advising farmers on grain drying and other electrical needs on the farm, later as head of the Bartholomew County REMC. He maintained the home farming operation until his duties as county REMC manager became too great. Then his wife, Susan, took over farming the land, with help from Dan and her sons on occasion.

Home sweet home: Clint Arnholt is glad to be back in his home area, both working on the home farm and doing various types of custom work to generate income.

Today, Clint, one of the sons, is working into the operation, which consists of around 900 acres of no-till in southeastern Bartholomew County. Clint knew there wasn't enough land to support his parents and his family just on farming that size acreage, so from the beginning, he put his skills to work. He is a master at mechanics and all things engineering-related.

While at Purdue University he worked for both a fertilizer dealer at one point, and later for a local farmer. He gained experiences form both that he has put to use on his own farm today.

One of his major income producers is custom work. He does traditional custom operations, but he also has a large business applying lime and gypsum. He works closely with a local fertilizer dealer. He now hauls and spreads lime in several surrounding counties.

He has the equipment to do variable-rate application. This year he also rigged up his sprayer to apply cover crops into standing crops, and will look into applying cover crops for more farmers on a custom basis beginning next year.

One of the things he has done since returning to the farm is taken soil samples, not just on his farm but for other people, again working through the fertilizer dealer. He also is adept at making application prescriptions for the home farm and for other farmers.

His willingness to branch out and view everything as an opportunity has helped him develop an operation that supports both families.

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