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Culver Appoints Director of New Iowa Energy Office

Iowa governor says Roya Stanley's vast experience makes her the ideal candidate to lead Iowa's renewable energy efforts.

On August 6 Iowa Gov. Chet Culver named Roya Stanley as director of the state's Office of Energy Independence. The new office was created on May 23, 2007 when Culver signed into law the $100 million Iowa Power Fund.

"Roya Stanley has a record of achievement in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy that spans 25 years," says Culver. "More than 18 of these years were spent in Des Moines, where she worked for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa state energy office. As the energy bureau chief, she led the development of a state program which provided more than $150 million in energy efficiency project investments in Iowa public facilities resulting in reduced utility bills for tax payers."

Stanley also collaborated with several Iowa organizations to develop the Iowa switchgrass initiative, helping lay the foundation for a cellulosic fuel of the future. She helped develop Iowa's Renewable Portfolio Standard, which launched Iowa's successful wind development program. In her last two years with DNR, Stanley served as the administrator for the Waste Management Division, with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of waste.

Stanley has energy industry experience

In 2000, Stanley went to work for the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colo., where she led efforts to provide research and development information to state and local officials and ag leaders across the country. She provided timely dissemination of the most current information on renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and policy practices.

"This is a critically important appointment and I strongly believe that vast experience in the field is a necessity. Roya Stanley has 25 years of experience in the field of renewable energy, both in Iowa and on a national level," says Culver. "She also has a wide range of knowledge in the industry. This is a field that moves fast and changes on a dime, and Ms. Stanley's experience makes her perfectly suited to lead our state's efforts in renewable energy."

As the director of Iowa's new Office of Energy Independence, she will coordinate the administration of the Iowa Power Fund and lead public education about renewable energy, renewable fuels and energy efficiency. In addition, she'll pursue new renewable funding from public and private sources and coordinate all existing state and federal grants, programs and policies having to do with renewable energy, renewable fuels and energy efficiency.

What next for Iowa in bioenergy?

"Iowa's economy is at a turning point," says Culver. "Biofuels have been a terrific boon to our economy and without question have made Iowa a leader in the renewable energy industry. We must now ask ourselves 'what's next?' The Iowa Power Fund allows us to answer this by providing the tools to begin researching and developing new forms of renewable energy. A cleaner environment and the jobs of tomorrow are at stake."

"I'm delighted to accept this appointment," says Stanley. "Being appointed to this important position is an enormous honor and I look forward to returning to Iowa and working to maintain Iowa's leadership in renewable energy. Gov. Culver has expressed to me how important it is that the Iowa Power Fund be used to find the next generation of renewable energy, and I plan on doing just that. This industry moves fast, and the creation of this office in addition to the Iowa Power Fund proves that Iowa is serious in maintaining its leadership."

Stanley earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Colorado State University. In her free time, she enjoys bicycling and is looking forward to experiencing the many bike trails Iowa offers. The appointment is subject to Senate confirmation. She is expected to begin working in Iowa at the Office of Energy Independence in mid-September.

What are the duties of this new office?

As described by HF 918, the legislation passed by the Iowa Legislature this past session, duties of the director of the Office of Energy Independence include:

  • Appointment by the governor, subject to Senate confirmation.
  • Serves at the pleasure of the governor.
  • Directs the Office of Energy Independence.
  • Coordinates the administration of the Iowa Power Fund.
  • Leads public education about renewable energy, renewable fuels, and energy efficiency.
  • Pursues new renewable energy funding from public and private sources.
  • Coordinates all existing state and Federal grants, programs, and policies having to do with renewable energy, renewable fuels, and energy efficiency.
  • Is advisor to both the Governor and the General Assembly on matters involving renewable energy, renewable fuels and energy efficiency policy and legislation.
  • Establishes performance measures for determining the effectiveness of renewable energy, renewable fuels, and energy efficiency.
  • Coordinates assistance from the Departments of Economic Development and Natural Resources and the Iowa Utilities Board regarding administration of grants and loans from the Iowa Power Fund.
  • Develops an Iowa energy independence plan.
  • Submits an annual report by each November 1 to the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor and the General Assembly concerning the activities of the Office of Energy Independence, the Iowa Power Fund, and other department and agencies concerning renewable energy, renewable fuels, and energy efficiency.
  • Reviews issues relative to the transport of bio-fuels and shall participate in multi-state efforts relating to renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Adopts final administrative rules for the programs and functions of the Office of Energy Independence and the Iowa Power Fund.
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