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Crop Scouting: There's an App for That

Crop Scouting: There's an App for That
Using your Smartphone to help scout and track fields is easier than ever.

There is an app for just about anything you can imagine and farming is no different. Depending on your needs, there is an app for just about all levels of users, beginners to professionals.

Researching your options is the place to start. As we are already heavy into the growing season, choosing an app that is free and simple to begin with might be a great starting point.

A simple app search on your smartphone can bring up several options: some free services and some that require a fee. Review apps available on your device and give free ones a try. A possibility might be to download more than one and spend this growing season working with a couple.

Farming Technology: Smartphones are playing a huge role in agriculture technology and crop scouting apps are a place to test the waters.

Danny Greene, Greene Crop Consulting, Inc., says his goal of the software is to get site-specific observations, data and recommendations (based on observations) to transfer easily between the scout, consultant and customer.

"We have tried several programs and apps," Greene says. "I am still looking for the right program at a manageable price." He believes it is out there and is convinced with research and time they will find it.

Scouting your own fields may not require such an extensive app and playing around with several of the free ones might get you exactly what your farm needs.

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A couple of top options are offered by Trimble Navigation Limited and AgDNA. Both are free and offer a variety of options.

Trimble Navigation's app called Connected Farm Scout offers "mapping field boundaries, locate irrigation pivots, marking flags, and entering scouting information for point, line, and polygon areas." It also includes an extensive list of weeds, insects and diseases.

AgDNA, also a free service, offers farm planning, record keeping, boundary mapping, worked area mapping, live equipment tracking, scouting observations, communications tools, data sharing and more.

Another option for weed identification is the Weed ID app from Penton Farm Progress.\

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