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Crop Commodity Groups Fund Tools; Help Train For New Applicator Licenses

Crop Commodity Groups Fund Tools; Help Train For New Applicator Licenses
Make the process of getting a license as painless as possible.

You can ignore the new law, known as CAT 14, now in effect in Indiana, under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Indiana State Chemist, located on the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette. After all, maybe you won't get spot-checked, allow Matthew Pearson of the Office of the Indiana State Chemist says they will be spot-checking to see if people are complying.

You can also ignore it if you're positive you will never have a manure spill on your farm, or in any other way violate the law. For those who choose to go this route, regulators make it very clear that the rule will be enforced if it's discovered that someone operates without the new permit.

If you're just applying P and K with a pull-type spreader, or even you're own Big A applicator on your own ground, you don't need to worry about the license anyway. However, if you work for a commercial application company you do. Odds are your boss has already made sure that your business is in compliance. You don't even have to do the training for have the permit to still be legal- as long as someone in your firm does and has 'trained' you. One person with a license is allowed to supervise up to 10 people under their tutelage with a valid license.

Those who likely can't afford to be without it are raising livestock and spreading manure for an operation big enough to qualify as a confined feeding operation (CFO), or who is buying and applying manure from such an operation, whether you yourself own the first beef animal, chicken or hog or not.

Thanks to the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Indiana Corn Marketing Council, note neither is a livestock-based group directly, you can get online training course material to help you prepare to pass the test and get your license. The tutorial to help you pass the CAT 14 Fertilizer and Manure Applicator Certification has built-in tools which help you verify whether or not all the proper practices are in place on your farm before you take the test. The tutorial also includes tips on how to train others who may fall under responsibility to train since they won't be getting the license themselves.

Contact the Indiana Soybean Alliance or Indiana Corn Marketing Council to learn more about the tutorial program available for those seeking Cat 14 Licenses.
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