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Corn Harvest Rocks On

Corn Harvest Rocks On
Latest USDA crop condition report shows 54% of the corn has been harvested, well ahead of the five-year average.

The USDA Crop Progress report may appear a little like stating the obvious for hearty readers who have been spending a lot of seat time in the combine. The report, released Monday, shows that 54% of the corn crop has been harvested, well above the 20% which is the five year average for the crop.

Condition of the corn crop is about steady at 25% good to excellent, but more than 50% remains poor to very poor across the top corn states. Winners in the poor to very poor lottery include Missouri with 84%; Kentucky with 80%; Indiana with 66% and Illinois with 75%.

Latest crop condition report shows 54% of the corn has been harvested, well ahead of the five-year average.

Soybeans: About 85% of the crop is dropping leaves, according to the report, which beats the five-year average. And so far, 41% of the crop has been harvested about twice the average for this time of year.

Condition of the soybean crop is holding steady at 35% good to excellent. About 33% of the crop is poor to very poor.

Wheat: Winter wheat planting for 2013 is on track, just behind the five-year average with 40% in the ground. The general trend is farmers waiting for a rain just to have some moisture to plant into. For example, Oklahoma is behind schedule with just 35% planted versus the usual 40%. Colorado and Idaho are also lagging significantly behind the five year average.

But the crop that has been planted is emerging - though behind average - with 12% out of the ground versus 16% on average.

Pasture and range: Conditions are holding steady with 20% showing good to excellent, but 55% is reported poor to very poor. Some states hardest hit include South Dakota with 78% poor to very poor; Nebraska at 98% poor to very poor and Wyoming with 87% poor to very poor.

Some rains have impacted the eastern Corn Belt, but on the whole dry soils mean crops will need some catch-up help for 2013.

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