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Corn Growers Remind Growers About New Corn Tech Responsibility

Agrisure RW may have been cleared for import to Japan, but NCGA remind producers that for 2007 they need to stick to the agreements they signed.

When a new crop technology becomes available it often brings along requirements and responsibilities for the grower. For example, recent biotech advancements require farmers to use the Market Choices grain channel to make sure products don't end up in countries that have not approved the biotech trait.

Thursday's announcement from Syngenta that Japan has approved the biotech trait Agrisure RW was good news for corn growers, according to a press statement from the National Corn Growers Association. But the group also warns that farmers need to adhere to the stewardship agreements they signed when they planted this new-tech grain.

NCGA had a part in helping address issues the Japanese had with the new trait. The regulatory process is time-consuming, says Martin Barbre, chairman of NCGA's Biotechnology Working Group. "NCGA and other members of the industry have worked together to address all questions the Japanese had," he says. "We appreciate the close cooperation and open communication that resulted in resolving all the issues surrounding Agrisure RW's approval, and look forward to continuing a close working relationship with the Japanese."

Notes Ken McCauley, NCGA president: "One of the real wins in this is that U.S. corn can continue to flow freely to our major export market, and there will be no new testing procedures for our markets or our growers."

McCauley notes that growers need to "take every precaution to make sure our products are sold to the appropriate markets. That means growers should contact their buyers to ensure they are accepting grain from Agrisure RW hybrids."

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