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Consumer Confidence In Beef Safety Still Strong

Consumer Confidence In Beef Safety Still Strong
A beef checkoff report finds that confidence in certain beef cuts is on the rise.

An upward trend for the past 10 years, consumer confidence in the safety of beef has climbed again in 2012, totaling a 14% increase for steaks and roasts and a 20% increase for ground beef since 2002, according to a beef checkoff survey.

The study included an online survey of more than 1,000 adult beef-eaters. One-third of study participants eat beef more than three times a week and 49% of respondents eat beef one to two times a week.

A beef checkoff report finds that confidence in certain beef cuts is on the rise.

Regarding confidence in preparation, respondents generally indicated that they felt better about the safety of beef when prepared personally rather than at a restaurant. Significant findings include consumer confidence about ground beef at home vs. at a restaurant: 72% said they were confident in from the supermarket, whereas 52% said they were confident in the safety of ground beef at a restaurant.

Concerns about E. coli have dropped, as the number of respondents who indicated concern about its presence in ground beef has declined.  Just 19% think illnesses are increasing.

Survey results indicate ground beef remains more of a safety concern for consumers, but respondents also demonstrated increasing confidence in its safety. The number of consumers who are confident in ground beef safety has improved from 60% in 2002 to 80% in 2012. Additionally, 72% of consumers are confident in store-bought ground beef.

Another element of the survey included preparation knowledge. More than half of survey participants said the degree of doneness can be determined by looking inside a hamburger patty to see if there is pink. Just under half (43%) said they are aware of the proper cooking temperature for ground beef, which is 150 degrees F. About 70% did not know the proper temperature or have the proper temperature wrong.

Consumer Confidence In Beef Safety Still Strong

Source: Beef Issues Quarterly

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