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Companies Save Introductions for the Farm Progress Show

Companies Save Introductions for the Farm Progress Show
Agri-Gold announces major change in policy, plus new hybrid.

One of the places where companies want to introduce new products or programs, even if the paint isn't dry, and sometimes if the product is still a prototype or concept, is the Farm Progress Show. This last show was certainly no exception, with several companies unveiling equipment to the public for the first time. John Deere went so far as to put big covers over their newest combine and one of their new tractor lines, and then unveil them time and again during gatherings of hundreds of farmers. The new line of Deere products was introduced to dealers in Indianapolis two weeks ago.

Seed companies also saved changes in policies or new product introductions for the show, where they get easier access to farm media and key farmers at the same time. One of those making announcements at a press conference that also featured farmer customers in the audience this year was Agri-Gold. A strong player in the market, the company made two significant introductions for them.

One was the announcement that as it appears now, they will add another hybrid to what they call their line-up of 'Giants' for 2012. To qualify as a 'Giant', the hybrid must meet rigid guidelines on being a set number of bushels better than existing competition in its class, and on performing at certain levels as far as winning high percentages of plots. The hybrid they intend to be their next major release is A6573.

This hybrid is a VT3-trait-type hybrid. There will likely be limited access next season to customers who want to get a closer look at it on their own farms. It will be introduced with some of the newest seed treatments available.

The biggest announcement from Agri-Gold involved treatments for seed. Phil McCutchan, a specialist with Agri-Gold, says that if their corn is planted with Poncho Votivo next year, any hybrids, not just the new release, there will be a 100% replant policy. This is a new offering for the company.

The seed treatment will be at an extra cost of about $17 per unit. The company feels, McCutchan says, that if a customer is willing to make the investment and do everything he can to ensure a good stand and then something goes wrong, they will stand behind it and offer free replant seed.

Expect to see more companies offering Poncho/Votivo as an option, if not a standard treatment, for 2012. The Poncho is Poncho 500, the middle strength of the poncho line, and is geared at secondary insect pests. Votivo form Bayer is the new product introduced this past season that is supposed to knock out corn nematodes. Bayer is betting that corn nematodes are a much larger problem than many people realized in the past.
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