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Colorful Ag Teacher Passes On Too Soon

Colorful Ag Teacher Passes On Too Soon
Bill Fox was a charismatic leader in his community.

As one teacher put it, "If you ever met Bill Fox, you would remember him." He graduated from Clinton Central High School near Frankfort and taught at rivaling Clinton Prairie High School for many years, teaching agriculture education. Retried form teaching, Fox passed away recently after a prolonged illness.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet with and even work with Bill Fox on some story ideas and in other situations. He always had a smile, and was never at a loss for words. In my case he always had an idea for me to pursue that might make a good story, sometimes with students or FFA, sometimes with farmers in general.

Teachers and personalities like Bill Fox don't come along every day, and they aren't replaced.

Fox may not lead the pack in terms of contests won or documented achievements, but if there was a measure for what students learned from him in his tenure at teaching, his marks would be high on the chart.

He was one of those people that you knew was in the room, someone said of him. He made his presence known, often in a jovial way. He could be sarcastic, but he could also be optimistic. In his own style he was able to motivate students to continue their education and do the best they could at what they were doing.

As a tribute to him, the Clinton Prairie School Community circulated word of his passing to those in the ag profession, and those who might have worked with him, both in the local community and beyond. Clinton Prairie is a consolidated high school near Jefferson in west-central Clinton County.

His smile and hearty hello will be missed. So will his ideas and his never-ending conversation. Teachers and personalities like Bill Fox don't come along every day, and they aren't replaced. Others may take their position, but no one fills the void they leave.

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