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Colorado Wheat Field Day Competition Turns Up 10 Winners

Colorado Wheat Field Day Competition Turns Up 10 Winners

Growers guessing big yields score in Colorado wheat contest.

New at the 2011 Wheat Field Days in Colorado was a yield contest pitting grower against grower.

All in attendance were given the chance to  pick the variety they believed would yield highest at separate plot locations along the tour.

The person guessing the top variety, or the variety closes to the top, won a $25 Visa give card. The tie-breaker as the yield, so the winner was the participant who guessed closest to the actual yield recorded.

At a Walsh site, the highest yielder was an experimental Colorado State University variety currently labeled CO07W245 at 44.7 bushels per acre, and no grower guessed  right.

The next highest variety that five people guessed was CSU experimental CO96424 at 41.2 bushels. The variety has been released to the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation and is named Byrd.

Larry Dreiling, who works for the High Plains Journal, guessed closest at 38 bushels.

When the group moved to Lamar, Colo., the highest yields were found  on CSU experimental CO07W245 at 62.7 bushels. No winners on this one, but on the next highest yielder – Snowmass – the pick was a winner for three.

Kyle Wait picked 55 bushels, closes to Snowmass' 57.7 bushels an acre.

Since variable stands resulted un-harvested crops at several sites, yield contest  entrants were awarded gift cards in a random drawing. The winners were Jason Specht, Cory Gilbert, Troy McCue and Tim Gittlein.

But harvest did take place at a Yuma stop where the best production was from CSU's CO06424 (Byrd) again, and four winners were announced guessing closest to the 70.4 bushels. MellaDee Hagermann was closest at a guess of 68 bushels.

Other winners were Ross Brinkerma who posted a 63.2 guess on Byrd which produced 65.1 bushels at a Julesburg plot. The top yielder there, Ripper (67.8 bushels) was not guessed by any  participant.

Akron, Colo., trials reported T163 as the best yielder, which no one guessed. Rollie Deering did win the contest by picking Byrd (51.1 bushels), missing the actual yield to be 55.5 bushels.

Prairie Red was top yielder at an Orchard, Colo. plot, but the pick that won the contest was CSU's CO06424, producing 47.8 bushels, but guessed at 44  by contest winner Robert Swank.

For more yield and other results of the 2011 Uniform Variety Plot Trials, go to

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