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CNH Industrial Pushes Repair Kit Trend

CNH Industrial Pushes Repair Kit Trend
The wave of the future is complete repair kits.

Vermeer Corporation was touting kits as a better way to market repair parts for both dealer and customer over a year ago. Now, CNH Industrial is touting a similar set-up, opening a special processing center at its complex in Lebanon last week. One of the main jobs at the SPC will be to assemble, package and distribute kits to other depots and dealers around the country.

CNH Industrial produced well over 100 kits for crop equipment last fall, followed by more than 300 hay and forage kits. The goal is to begin preparing and shipping harvesting kits in the spring of 2014.

Break it down: Rodney Boles shows how the CNH Industrial kit on the right will have parts separated and easier to use, compared to a normal kit that comes from a typical supplier.

Some of the kits are in boxes, while others are packaged on flat cardstock using a special process with machines at the new facility.

Rodney Boles, one of the persons in charge of the "kitting" process, showed visitors last week a kit that comes from a normal parts supplier, and a repackaged kit that CNH Industrial will begin shipping to dealers. Some kits will be used by repair staff at dealerships; others will go to farmers.

"The big difference is that most suppliers put all the bolts and nuts and different parts you need in a bag, and seal it," he says. "We're packaging all bolts of one size for one job in smaller packages. It will save a lot of time when the technician of the farmer can lay out the parts he or she needs instead of sorting through the single package and separating things out first."

Bigger kits are even more complex, Boles says. CNH Industrial will also break those down as much as possible.

Another part of the process is including detailed instructions, verified and prepared in advance, with each kit. Having the right instructions is a key part of making the kit process successful, Boles says.

CNH Industrial staff spends as much time as necessary in making certain the instructions that go with the kit are correct before the kits go into production.

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