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CME Launches Educational Website On Futures Markets

CME Launches Educational Website On Futures Markets
Interactive resource explains how futures markets impact everyday life

CME Group on Tuesday launched a new educational website to help explain the role of futures markets in everyday life.

With content that was designed for use by students and even experienced market participants, CME says takes investing concepts like futures, hedging and speculating and shows how they play an essential role in daily life.

The site incorporates interactive elements like video and quizzes, as well as infographics designed to simplify complex market topics.  CME says the goal of the site is to make financial education an engaging experience for anyone, regardless of how well versed they are in the world of finance.

EDUCATIONAL TOOL: CME's interactive resource explains how futures markets impact everyday life

"Over the past few years, we have seen a real need for information about how people and businesses manage risk, and how that risk impacts people's everyday lives," said Anita Liskey, CME Group managing director, corporate marketing and communications.  "Our goal for this site is to be a go-to resource on the futures industry, and why futures and options matter – whether you're a novice on Main Street or an expert on Wall Street."

The site provides information on the derivatives industry as a whole, and is the latest example of the company's efforts to provide risk management education to the general public, as well as current and potential customers, CME said.

It builds on a partnership with the National 4-H Council to bring a Commodity Carnival game to more than 130 state and county fairs, reaching 50,000 fairgoers with information about managing risk in agriculture. 

CME Group is also currently in the middle of its annual CME Group Trading Challenge, which last year attracted 1,500 graduate and undergraduate students from 25 different countries to learn more about futures trading.

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