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CFANS Funds Research Projects on Bees, Biofuels and Climate Change

Three projects have been awarded $100,000 each as part of the new College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences Grants program.

The grants are aimed at increasing the college's research capacity in the areas of environment; the bio-based economy; and crops, food animals and human health.

The projects include:

- "An Integrated Initiative on Climate Change in Northern Forests," led by Regents Professor Peter Reich with 10 co-principal investigators. They are: Alan Ek, Rebecca Montgomery, Roy Rich, Jacek Oleksyn, Lee Frelich, Sarah Hobbie, Meredith Cornett, Tali Lee, John Bradford and Brian Palek.

- "Novel Antimicrobial Properties of Honeybee Propolis in Human and Animal Health," led by Professor Jerry Cohen with two co-principal investigators, Gary Gardner and Marla Spivak.

- "Economic and Environmental Impacts of Biofuels in Minnesota," led by Professor Jeffrey Apland and three co-principal investigators, Shri Ramaswamy, David Mulla and Sangwon Suh.

All the grants are for one year, with a second-year grant of an additional $100,000 each expected.

"We had many very strong interdisciplinary proposals for this grant program," said Allen Levine, dean of the college. "I'm confident that the scientists working on the three that were selected will use this assistance to further our goal of providing solution-driven science to Minnesotans and the world beyond."

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