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Certified Angus Beef Brand Reports Strong Results for 2014

Certified Angus Beef Brand Reports Strong Results for 2014
Six of Certified Angus Beef's 10 best sales months in its 36-year history were in Fiscal 2014

The 17,000 Certified Angus Beef brand partners in 47 countries celebrated eight straight years of record sales and the tenth consecutive year of growth, the brand said Tuesday.

Fiscal 2014, which ended September 30, saw a 400,000-head decline in the number of Angus-influenced cattle available at the brand's 30 licensed packing plants across North America. But a greater share of those featured Angus influence and a record proportion met the 10 CAB carcass specifications, resulting in a net gain of more than 80,000 additional cattle accepted.

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Angus rancher Abbie Nelson, Wilton, Calif., with family including daughter-in-law Hailey (center) and son Ryan, prepared a meal of Certified Angus Beef brand barbecued ribs and creamed corn, later to be "rehabbed" by competing chefs on Recipe Rehab, an award-winning cooking show on CBS.

Translated to beef sales volume, that meant the new annual mark to beat is 882 million pounds, 2% higher than last year's 865 million. More cattlemen followed market signals that pay $50 million in yearly brand premiums according to research this year, while partners in the beef trade provided more consumers dependable value for the higher price tag.

Consumer sales could be seen as 4.7 billion three-ounce servings that injected $6.8 billion into the beef industry in the last year.

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"Without a doubt the brand is defined in part by the quality of the product – but it is impactful because of people and relationships that connect each and every one of us," CAB President John Stika said.

Six of the brand's 10 best sales months in its 36-year history were in Fiscal 2014, exceeding 70 million pounds in nine of those months. Sales were especially strong through the summer, when partners promoted the brand as a focal point of grilling season. August was only the second time since 1978 that monthly brand sales exceeded 80 million pounds."

Certified Angus Beef Brand Reports Strong Results for 2014

Source: Laura Conaway, CAB

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