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Celebrating USDA at 150 Ag Secretary Goes Virtual

Celebrating USDA at 150 Ag Secretary Goes Virtual

A little time on Twitter allows USDA Chief Tom Vilsack to answer questions for interested parties, in a lively discussion 140 characters at a time.

This week, as USDA celebrates its official 150th birthday (which is May 15 by the way), Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack went virtual. He made himself available on Twitter to answer questions of the public and interested social media followers and he didn't shy from critics either.

Of course the first tweet was the Presidential Proclamation celebrating the anniversary, which was issued Monday as well.

The challenge of Twitter is that comments are limited to 140 characters each, we've excerpted the stream to show you the questions and answers. in this exchange TJV is Vilsack:

TWITTERIFIC: Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack turned to Twitter during this week celebrating USDA's 150th anniversary. He spoke to the public and took questions live.

Good afternoon all! The 150th anniv allows us to reflect, acknowledge & challenge. Reflect on how far this dept has come..^TJV #askUSDA

(con't) When you consider less than 15 of US population produces enough to feed the nation & world, it certainly ratifies...TJV

..Lincoln's understanding of the Department of Agriculture. - TJV

What would Lincoln think today?He'd be pleased at #conservation efforts, surprised at incredible research, thankful 4 nutrition efrts - TJV

Q1 Tom Brand, @NAFB: 150 yrs ago, most of US pop had direct connection to #ag. How much more impt is USDA to the US/world pop today #askUSDA

A1: We're an every way, every day USDA. Ag would't be as productive, food would't be as safe, land&water wouldnt be as protected w/o us- TJV

Q2 EllenCThompason Lack of secondary #agedu programs for students to enroll in & learn about #ag, leadership, & civic engagement. #askUSDA

I share that concern, which is why we're working w/ @edGov, FFA & @4H to make sure schools understand imptce of Ag education - TJV

Q3 @jody_donohue How does USDA balance science vs. consumer emotion (i.e. why not more testing for #bse other food born illness? #askUSDA

A3: The amt of testing is based on intl standards, surveillance w/ feed ban & prohibiting SRMs in food supply provide solid guarantees - TJV

Q4 @anhusa - #askUSDA Monsanto created superweeds cover 12M acres farmland, will USDA cont to deregulate GMO crops given evidence of harm?

A4: Your beef is not with us, it's with Congress. The Plant Pest Protection Act narrowly defines what we can and cannot approve. -TJV

Q5 from Facebook: How can we restore healthy nutrient dense food diet prior to regulation that led to obesity pandemic?

A5 Meaningful improvements to #schoollunch, 1st time 30yrs will help US children reverse trend. More fruits, vegs,whole grain,lowft dairy -TJV

A5: @FeedTheFuture effort will help other nations become more productive. Looking fwd to the G8 announcement this weekend. -TJV

Q6: RT @nrcs_nc: @USDA: Looking forward to another 150 years. What is your vision for meeting our global agricultural objectives #askUSDA

Q7: RT @forumfood: How does/can @USDA engage with big biz & smaller community efforts to create more sustainable food system? #askUSDA

A7: #KYF2 promotes local & reg food systems & is promoting innovative entrepreneurs. Look for announcement tmrw in Detroit @WholeFoods TJV

Q8: @TexansVsHunger: #askUSDA USDA has tradition of providing nutrition to low-income families. How would proposed budget cuts affect?

A8: House budget would negatively impact 100s of 1000s. Hopeful for compromise that maintains solid safety net. Esp working fams using SNAP

Q9: @annemarie_nj: #askUSDA #USDA150 Please comment on the future of dairy farming here in the USA.

A9: New Food Farm & Jobs Bill could offer less volatile markets and more stability for dairy producers. - TJV #askUSDA

Q10: RT @agropinion: Are there any @USDA programs that are currently under-utilized by the farming community? #askUSDA

A10: Our problem is over subscription. 1 place that req's more support is ag research. - TJV See @ScienceAtUSDA

Q12: RT @joeschroeder: What will be done to address evidence of anti-trust from your recent hearings on competition and concentration in ag?

A12: Dairy provisions of the new Food Farm & Jobs Bill. New GIPSA regs on poultry. Seed association working on patent issues. (1/2) - TJV

A12 con't: Congress prevented further action on GIPSA rules. - TJV

Q13: RT @obamafoodorama: Since 47% of SNAP recipients are kids & 1/3 overweight/obese, why is junkfood approved for SNAP purchase? #askUSDA

A13: Harder than you might think - working on incentives for healthy foods 2yr project in Mass. will tell us if incentives work. - TJV

Q14: What was your first experience with agriculture or USDA? #askUSDA

A14: Doing tax returns and understanding how hard it was to make a living as a farmer - TJV #askUSDA

Q15 RT @grupo_pm: US has come far on AGTrade w MX, but not for potatoes, essential prod, can't be exported. When this will be solved?

A15: Issues submitted to an independent panel. Working daily to get Mexico to agree to panel's determination. -TJV #askUSDA

Looking fwd to Joe & Mika @MorningJoe, Chuck Leavall of Rolling Stones & NFL greats Art Monk, LaVar Arrington will join us tmrw for #USDA150

Q16 RT @nutritionkids: Why doesn't USDA do more to support farmers that grow fruits, veggies, nuts & other #healthy foods? #askUSDA

A16: Some support more evident than others. Purchase fruits & vegs to help schools, food banks, others meet their needs. (1/2) -TJV #askUSDA

A16 2/2: Making SNAP available at #farmersmarkets also a support. - TJV #askUSDA

Q17 RT @forumfood: Building on A14, how does @USDA incentivize farming, esp for small and/or young farmers and their workers? #askUSDA

A17: See beginning farmer and rancher program and #KYF2 Compass for details. - TJV

Q18 RT @agchick: Sec TJV: Pres. Abraham Lincoln established USDA & the cabinet position. Does USDA envision another #USDA150 yet to come?

A18: Won't be around to celebrate...- TJV #askUSDA #USDA150

Q19 RT @nutritionkids: I grew up on midwest farm (corn, beans). Now live in PNW where produce farmers can't make living. Why? #askUSDA

A19: Surprising, since many of the new operations are in local & regional food producers with a heavy emphasis on fruits & vegetables. - TJV

A19 (con't): Look for study to publish Wednesday that might help. - TJV #askUSDA

Q20 RT @ediblearia: @USDA The weight of the nation rests on your shoulders, yet you do.. nothing but maintain status quo. #askUSDA

A20: Beg to differ. @MyPlate, new dietary guidelines, new #schoollunch menus, participating with @LetsMove, encouraging SNAP (cont) - TJV

A20 (con't): WIC at #farmersmarkets. Promoting new WIC package. $ spent on obesity research. Apps for Healthy Kids. Supertracker update- TJV

Will continue celebration of #USDA150 tmrw & remainder of year. Lincoln would be proud of what he started. - TJV #askUSDA

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