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Case IH Unveils New Steigers and Magnums

Case IH Unveils New Steigers and Magnums

"Red" boosts power and says it will meet clean air standards with SCR on engines over 100 horsepower.

As dawn broke at the Farm Progress Show near Boone, Iowa, today, the rays glinted off the new lines of Magnum and Steiger tractors from Case IH. The upgraded popular lines both feature more power and engines that meet Tier IVA standards with Selective Catalytic Reduction systems (SCR).

The Steiger lineup from Case IH for 2011 features horsepower increases and improvements to operator visability and comfort. The Steigers range from 390 hp. to 670-hp. with Tier IVA compliant engines.

The Steiger lineup weighs in at 390 horsepower to 670 hp, including three models capable of narrow wheel tread settings, along with three larger high-horsepower wide-frame models built for the largest broadacre implements. The new Steiger 350, 400 and 450 feature the variable tread setting, while the wide-frame 500HD, 550HD and 600HD models round out the high horsepower family, all three equipped with 113-gallon-per-minute hydraulic flow. The entire Steiger family for 2011 is equipped with 24-volt starter circuits for extra torque in cold conditions.

The 550 and 600 are powered with the proven 12.9-liter engine breathing through a two-stage turbocharger for a maximum of up to 50 lbs boost at the extreme. The two big models ride on 5.5-inch axles and 18-bolt hubs and wheels. The 400 and 450 models also use the 12.9-liter engine, while the 350 features the company's 8.7-liter diesel.

The Steiger 450-600 models are also available in Case IH's Quadratrac configuration which uses an independent four-track positive drive system for better traction and less soil compaction.


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The new Magnum family from Case IH offers models from 150 hp. to 280 hp with a pair of proven engines using SCR technology to meet clean air standards. The Magnum lineup also shares in cab improvements and user-designed ergonomic controls.

In the Magnum line, the 235 through 340 models rely on the 8.7-liter engine, while the 180 through 225 Magnums are powered with the proven 6.7-liter powerplant. All Magnums are designed for 35 extra horsepower availability in the machines' power growth for heavy pulling or extra loads. The 2011 Magnums range from 150 hp. to 280 hp. All sport redesigned and improved cooling systems and an upgraded hydraulic system with six remotes.

An enlarged cab with lots of glass, a 40-degree right swivel seat and a MultiControl armrest with a well-placed joystick puts Case IH operators in comfortable surroundings during field work.

Both lines of new tractors use SCR emissions technology which Case IH engineers say allows tuning the engines for maximum performance and cleaning the air in the downstream exhaust flow with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) -- a mixture of urea and deionized water. The tractors are equipped with SCR tanks which will serve clean air duties through two fuel tankfuls, and are easily refilled from the ground with DEF which costs roughly the same per gallon as diesel fuel. An onboard computer feeds DEF as it's needed to meet clean air standards, and alerts the operator automatically when its time to refill the reservoirs. Engineers say the SCR system provides a 10% boost in fuel economy over similar Case IH engines using exhaust gas recirculation and diesel particulate filters to meet air standards.

The new Case IH high-horsepower tractors have improved operator visibility, a 40-degree right-hand swivel seat, much improved cab noise levels, and feature the MultiControl armrest which allows the driver to adjust gears, hydraulics and speed with fingertip control through a consumer-designed, ergonomic joystick. The armrest feature allows control of up to eight remote hydraulic valves, shifting capabilities and automatic end-of-row function. Also, a new AFS Pro 700 color display is integrated into the MultiControl which allows the operator to control autoguidance functions and general tractor functions through AFS Field Performer.

For more information, visit New Case IH Line-up.

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