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Career Crop Improvement Leader Will Be honored

Career Crop Improvement Leader Will Be honored
Larry Svajgr calling it quits after 36 years.

When Larry Svajgr became the head of the Indiana Crop Improvement Association in Indiana, public soybean varieties and public wheat varieties were still king. Many smaller companies produced these cops, and tested their seed through the lab operated by ICIA.

The crop improvement groups still provide very valuable services, but the services provided are much different. Many seed companies still send their products to be tested to the lab for germination testing. Most of the  public varieties in wheat and soybeans have given away to private brands, but those private brand seeds still need testing.

During the last decade, Svajgr has managed a new facility just off Stockwell Road, abut 8 miles south of Lafayette. Previously, they used a building on U.S. 52 closer to Lafayette that was once a house, converted to business use. The new lab features a tremendous amount of extra room for doing various types of testing.

Svajgr received national recognition form the American Seed Trade Association earlier this month. Look for details in the August issue of Indiana Prairie Farmer.

His actual retirement- his last day on the job- is scheduled to be Sept. 2. However, his fellow employees and associates want to give him a send-off with an open house to be held at the ICIA location.

Times are 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST on August 11, a Thursday, with special presentations at 2:30 p.m. Everyone who knows Larry will want to be on hand and not miss this event.

His career spans the invention on GMO traits for various crops, particularly corn and soybeans. While the testing today is often for companies and not farmers who saved their own seed or smaller producers of public varieties, one thing remains the same- there is still plenty of testing to do.

Congratulations to Larry Svajgr on a job well done.

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