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Canned food creations at Indiana State Fair help raise money for the hungry

Canned food creations at Indiana State Fair help raise money for the hungry
Various companies and groups help build nine unique images out of cans of food.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's…no, it's not Superman. It's a weird looking character made out of canned food. In fact there were nine such creations on display at the 2015 Indiana State Fair, each built by a different team of volunteers, many of them from companies donating time for this effort to raise food for needy people.

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You needed Superman's x-ray vision to find the display this year. While it has been a feature of the fair for several years, like the cheese sculpture, it has a new home this year.

Popular display: It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see 'minions' in this display of cans, built to help raise food for hungry people in a state fair project sponsored by Gleaners Food Bank.

Starting out in the Horticulture Building, it's now in the Harvest Pavilion. It was formerly the DuPont Food Pavilion, located next to the Indiana State fair Administration Building on the northwest corner of the fair complex.

The Canstruction project is sponsored by Gleaner's Food Bank, one of the largest food banks in Indiana. It serves thousands of people in need of food. Gleaners calculated that this year's effort resulted in nine can-type structures built from 36,000 cans of food.

The Gleaners folks also calculated that the food raised through donations in this project would provide 22,000 meals to hungry people in Indiana.

One exhibit was a 'See 'n Say' child's toy replica built out of cans. The saying was: "Farmer says…help feed the hungry." Another exhibit featured a map of the state of Indiana done in cans, with the block letters FFA inside the map.

One of the crowd favorites was a take on the popular Minions. These minions were made to resemble ears of corn. There was also a canned display meant to resemble a toy built with Legos, and even one displaying the American Gothic couple of old, complete with pitchfork.

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