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Bull Test Sale Happens This Thursday

Bull Test Sale Happens This Thursday
Cattle producers pay attention to performance details.

If you're in the cow-calf business, circle this Thursday, April 14. It's a big day for cattlemen wanting to make genetic progress in their herd, says Jim Day, Salem, a cattleman who also provides advice on the program. Not only that, Day typically buys his bulls for his cow herd at the sale.

Known as the Indiana Beef Evaluation program, or IBEP, the long-standing bull test program is conducted on the Feldun-Purdue farm just south and west of Bedford. A new facility for handling and testing bulls was constructed there about two decades ago to ensure that the program would continue to thrive.

What the program does is allow bulls that producers enter in the test to grow and develop. Their performance factors related to growth are measured while the test occurs. Bulls offered for sale must be sound, and meet other specific qualifications. It's part of the assurance cow/calf producers who buy bulls there seek.

This particular spring sale of 2010 winter tested bulls will be April 14, 6 p.m. EDT at the Springville Feeder Auction. Note that the sale is not at the IBEP Bull Test Station. For this sale, 109 bulls are scheduled to sell.

They include 85 Angus bulls, a Charolais, three Herefords, one Lim-Flex bull, a Red Angus bull and 13 SimAngus, plus five Simmentals. Note that several breeds are now offering classifications that allow for animals of mixed parentage. These are becoming recognized breeds within the industry. Categories for these animals are offered at some large cattle shows.

All bulls are fed on the same ration, and are handled in the same manner. The facility is designed so that the bulls have protection during the winter, but also have outdoor exercise facilities. Pertinent test information on each bull will be available.

What changed is how information is dispersed about the program. The sale catalog is online in both html and PDF format. It also allows you to search for bulls that meet your selection criteria, without having to go through the entire catalog. Begin your search at:

The sale will also be broadcast live on the Internet at If you have further questions, call 765-494-6439 or email: [email protected].

Meanwhile, preparations are already underway for the next bull test. Entries close today, April 11, for the 2011 summer bull test. Bulls can be entered online yet today. Or call the number listed earlier for information. Bulls entered for the new test are to be delivered to the Bull Test Station near Bedford on May 3.

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