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Billboard Contest Winners are Creative

Billboard Contest Winners are Creative
Billboard Contest Winners are Creative
ABS Global asks for slogan ideas for its signature sign near DeForest, Wis., and they got some doozies.

Anyone who has driven along Interstate 90/94 north of Madison knows there's a sign worth checking out - it's the ABS Global sign which often carries an interesting play on words, or double entendre around artificial insemination or bull semen that has to have those city folks wondering. Last week the company announced the winners of its latest "bullboard" slogan contest, which was open to all dairy and beef enthusiasts with creative ideas. And boy were they creative.

First, the winner - "With ABS, your calves are only an arm's length away" - submitted by Jackie Shankey, Black River Falls, Wis. That slogan now graces the bullboard for the entire month of May. But there's more.

The company - in its contest announcement - highlighted to added contending slogans. First up is a slogan from Ralph Endres, Prairie du Sac, Wis., who submitted the slogan: "A bull's favorite pickup line - man-ure cute."

Then there's the submission from Manice Mashak, Sun Prairie, Wis., who tossed out: "We don't build houses but we can supply the studs."

Not sure from the announcement if these runner-ups will ever appear on the bullboard, but for drivers on I-90/94 these days, there's a slogan that'll sure give some a head-scratch, and others a very nice chuckle.

The company received more than 300 slogans for the contest, and more contest favorites are set to appear on the board throughout 2012.

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