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Big Rural Brainstorms Discuss Rural LIving This Month

Big Rural Brainstorms Discuss Rural LIving This Month
Join the rural living discussion in Chase County on Oct. 8 or in Jetmore on Oct. 14

Two Big Rural Brainstorms, facilitated by the Kansas Sampler Foundation, are coming up this month.

Deadline to register for the first session, which will be at Camp Wood in Chase County on Oct. 8, is tomorrow. (Oct.2). If you miss that deadline, you can register for a second session on Sunday, Oct. 14 at Horsethief Reservoir in Jetmore. Deadline for that workshop is Oct. 8.

Registration fees for each session are $25, but the Sampler Foundation has scholarships available.

Kansas Sampler Foundation founder Marci Penner says the workshops are not your typical "conference."

The sessions are intended for future rural leaders that the Sampler Foundation calls "Power Ups." Kansas Sampler Foundation founder Marci Penner says the workshops are not your typical "conference."

Spreading the word of rural living

There will be no keynote speakers. Instead the emphasis will be on getting Power Ups to share their thoughts and ideas on rural living.

Power Ups are 21 to 39 years old and are living in rural areas by choice. They are strongly supported by "Power Ons," leaders 40 and over who are passionate about rural living.

Topics for upcoming workshop discussions will include learning to promote and spread the word about rural living with a goal of getting more young people to move back; the role of cultural organizations in rural Kansas; issues that young people face when they try to get into farming from access to land to zoning and other regulations and ways to encourage Power Ups to volunteer for community leadership and participation in government.

Additional topics will include rural entertainment, community development, starting a business, rural housing, local foods and healthy food access and community learning.

Kansas Sampler Foundation leaders say the emphasis will be on getting residents to work together to achieve goals, setting aside political parties on moving the state forward.

So far, 24 Power Ups are registered for the Chase County event  and 11 are signed up to participate in discussions in Jetmore.

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