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Big corn in Dakotas

Big corn in Dakotas
Top Dakota yield contest entry: 308 bushels per acre

Farms near Huron, S.D., and Wahpeton, N.D., had the highest yields in South Dakota and North Dakota in the National Corn Growers Association's National Yield Contest.

Riverside Farms, Huron, produced 308 bushels per acre in the irrigated division.

Jamie Gorder, Wahpeton, had a yield of 274 bushels per acre in the strip-till/no-till irrigation division.

More details on the state winners (name, city, hybrid and bushels per acre) are:

North Dakota

1. Mark Gorder, Wahpeton, Pioneer P9917, 273.7088
2. Cody Frauenberg, Lamoure, DEKALB DKC46-20RIB, 269.2056
3. Amy Frauenberg, Lamoure, Pioneer P9917AM1, 259.9702

Big corn in Dakotas

South Dakota
1. Scott McKee, Hawarden, Pioneer P1151AM, 286.8051
. Huron Colony, Huron, DEKALB DKC52-61RIB 285.1108
3. Dean Bosse, Elk Point Pioneer, P1151AM, 254.5394

No-till Non-Irrigated
North Dakota

1. Donna Frauenberg, Lamoure, DEKALB DKC46-20RIB, 265.2883
* Bobby Frauenberg, Lamoure, DEKALB DKC46-20RIB, 262.9355
2. Quandt Brothers #2, Oakes, DEKALB DKC46-20RIB, 230.2315
3. Drew Courtney, Oakes, Pioneer P9526AMX, 225.0085

South Dakota
1. Nathan Hoeft, Stratford, DEKALB DKC48-12RIB, 261.4914
2. Swisher Inc., Groton, Croplan Seed 4099SS/RIB, 244.4074
* Swisher Inc. , Groton, Renk Seed RK568VT3P, 235.0522
3. Barry Loomis, Bruce, DEKALB DKC53-56RIB, 233.6133

No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated
North Dakota

1. Jamie Gorder, Wahpeton, Pioneer P9917, 274.5014
2. Frauenberg Farms #1, LaMoure, DEKALB DKC47-35RIB, 271.7294
* Cody Frauenberg, Lamoure, Pioneer P9703AM, 257.8640
3. Quandt Brothers #3, Oakes, Channel 196-05VT2PRIB, 226.6091

South Dakota
* Riverside Farms, Huron, Pioneer P0533AM1, 289.1948
* Breding Farms Chamberlain, DEKALB DKC63-33RIB, 261.6824
1. Lower Brule Farms, Pukwana, DEKALB DKC59-90RIB, 260.2466
2. Lower Brule Farm Corp., Fort Pierre, DEKALB DKC59-90RIB, 259.6510
3. Prairie Creek Ranch, Yankton, Pioneer P1151AM, 235.2345

North Dakota

1. Bobby Frauenberg, Lamoure, DEKALB DKC44-13RIB, 266.8787
* Donna Frauenberg, Lamoure, Pioneer P9917AM1, 260.1183
2. Sundale Farm, Milnor, DEKALB, DKC51-19RIB, 238.805
3. Quandt Brothers #1, Oakes DEKALB, DKC46-20RIB, 230.7219

South Dakota
1. Riverside Farms, Huron, Pioneer P0533AM1, 308.9176
2. Breding Farms, Chamberlain, DEKALB DKC62-97RIB, 279.9492
* Breding Farms, Chamberlain, DEKALB DKC58-89RIB, 276.7129
3. Missouri River Farms Inc., Yankton, Pioneer P0987AMX, 271.9469

The "*" symbol indicates there is an entry under the same membership number that has placed higher and been awarded a trophy. National Corn Yield Contest rules state that each individual membership is eligible to win only one national and one state trophy in the contest. If an entrant enters two or more hybrids and all place as a winner or runner-up, a trophy will be awarded only for the highest ranked (not necessarily highest yield) hybrid.

For more results, see National Corn Growers Association website

For more results, see National Corn Growers Association website

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