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Better To Laugh At Rain Than Cry

Better To Laugh At Rain Than Cry
Humor while you wait to get in the fields.

Captain Stubby always said we needed more laughter in the world, and that applies as much or more so when things aren't going as good as you hoped or like. The fourth wettest April on record in central Indiana has spilled into May, and if you're still waiting for it to dry out, check out these brain teasers.

If you think is throwing insult on injury, don't blame me. A farmer actually came up with the idea last week and supplied the first few ditties. He's got bottom land under water, so if he can laugh a little, surely you can too. He allowed he'd take a couple hundred acres of flooded bottom land over the twisters in the south- all things are relative!

Here's the 2011 rendition of 'How you Know It's a Wet Spring' from an Indiana farmer and Indiana Prairie Farmer.

You know it's a wet spring if…

• Pairs of geese dive bomb over your barn every morning on their way to the nearest pond- in the neighbor's corn field!

• The implement dealer tries to sell you tracks for your lawn mower.

• The weather man starts his forecast saying 'today's there's an 80% chance of sun.'

• The local lawn maintenance boy spends more time with a tow chain than a weed eater.

• You hear the dreaded words 'June 2008' mentioned over and over.

• The tracks you leave with the lawn mower are deeper than the grass you're trying to mow.

• You bed the cows one night, and after one day tromping through the muddy lot, it looks like you haven't bedded them for a week.

• The cows are so bored by the rain that they eat wood chips you try to use as bedding.

• You sell lambs at the local sale barn and you know it's your group in the sale ring because they're the ones with muddy sides from falling in the mud on the way to the truck and trailer.

• Local Little League baseball teams have recorded more rainouts than games played.

• You're already canceling your Fourth of July plans because you think you may still be planting.

• Your neighbor tried to fill in a hole for you with his Bobcat and left ruts almost as deep as the hole he failed to get filled in anyway.

• Your builder moves your occupancy date for your new house from May 15 to October 15 just because he's afraid it will take that long to get the septic system put in.

• The most requested item at the local FFA plant and seed sale is rice!

• You jokingly suggest raising ducks instead of 4-H pigs next year, and your partner thinks it's a serious, reasonable idea.

• Your neighbor sticks up a sign saying for $10 bucks, passers-by can come view the big gully in his field.

• The local farm store runs a special on waders.

• The local sale barn dips so low as to auction off fishing nets….true story!

• Your neighbor got arrested for punching some guy on the sidewalk in town who was humming 'Singing in the rain.'

• It rained more in April than last July 15 through Nov 15 added together!

• Your neighbor petitions commissioners for a duck crossing sign where the road runs between low spots on either side- both belong to you!

• Some stranger knocks on the door and asks if he can go dishing in your pond. You don't have a pond!

Got more to add? Send them to [email protected].

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