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Best Varieties for S.D. in 2007

SDSU recommends which small grain varieties to plant.

Check out the new variety recommendations for small grains and field peas for South Dakota.

SDSU Extension specialists and plant breeders annual recommend which varieties to plant in different regions of the state.

Here's the recommended and acceptable/promising spring wheat and barley varieties for 2007, followed by the regions of the state where the specialists say they will do best:

Briggs - all except 3
Freyr – Statewide
Granger - all except 3
Steele-ND - all except 3
Traverse - Statewide

Acceptable promising
Forge - all except 3
Glenn - Statewide
Howard all except 3
Knudson - all except 3
Oxen - all except 3
Reeder - 5,6,7
Russ - all except 3
Ulen - all except 3

The American malting barley association has approved the varieties Conlon, Drummond, Excel, Fostger, Lacey, Legacy, Morex, robust and Traidtion or 2007.

Eslick - feed 6,7
Excel - 1,2,4,6,7
Haxby - feed 6,7
Lacey - Statewide

Conlon - 1,4,6,7
Drummond - Statewide
Robust - 1,2,4,6,7
Tradition - Statewide
Rawson - 1,2,7

Don - 1,4,5,6,7
Jerry - 1,4,5,6,7
Loyal - 1,2,7
Reeves - Statewide
Stallion - 1,2,7

Beach - 5,6,7
HiFi - 1,2,7
Morton - 1,2,7
Buff (hull-less) - Statewide

For complete field trial results, see SDSU Extension Circular EC774-07. It is is available online, or in hard copy format at Extension offices.

Download the publication in PDF format at Or find the publication, as well as past years' crop performance trials, at the SDSU variety trials Web page,  

SDSU Extension Crops Specialist Bob Hall, Research Associate John Rickertsen, Agricultural Research Manager Kevin Kirby, and Senior Agricultural Research Technician Bruce Swan wrote the 36-page publication.

The circular also provides data about how different varieties compare in measurements such as protein, height and test weight at different locations. The relative maturity (heading) rating of each variety to a reference variety is given. The latest disease resistance/tolerance information about different varieties is also in the publication. Both one- and three-year average yields for each variety are included for each test location if the variety was tested for three or more years.

Information provided SDSU AgBio Communciation.

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