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Beef Checkoff Sees Results from Ibotta App Partnership

Beef Checkoff Sees Results from Ibotta App Partnership
Millennial customers made up a significant portion of beef nutrition and education redemptions with the Ibotta app.

In cooperation with the Ibotta app, the beef checkoff has found a new way to get beef education and nutrition information directly to the customer.

The app shared educational information about freezing beef and about beef nutrition, in addition to sharing the checkoff's Easy Lean Beef Burger and DIY Taco videos. By engaging with the content, Ibotta users earned a cash rebate for their purchase of Top Sirloin Steak or Ground Beef.

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Millennial customers made up a significant portion of beef nutrition and education redemptions with the Ibotta app.

"This app partnership really provided the checkoff with a way to get beef education to the consumer – how to cook, how to freeze ground beef, and nutritional facts," said Cevin Jones, vice chairman of the Beef Promotion Operating Committee.

"It also gave us the opportunity to have access to rich consumer data that showed us who is buying, where they are buying, what else they are buying when they buy beef, and the additional purchases that buying beef adds to a consumer's shopping cart," he said.

Results showed that millennial consumers, those consumers aged 25-34 years, accounted for 44% of the redemptions for the beef checkoff's products.

Additionally, the redemption rate was 25%, more than 30% higher than Ibotta's systemwide average, and there were approximately 35,000 redemptions in the 16 days that the program was active.

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The engagements (tasks) the checkoff offered each had more than a 95% completion rate, the checkoff said.

Screenshot shows how consumers can interact with beef nutrition and educaton information to earn rebates.

"A great product and great content is a recipe for success with Ibotta," said Richard Donahue, vice president of marketing at Ibotta. "The Beef Checkoff Program was a huge success - with hundreds of thousands of videos being viewed on how to cook and store beef, more than 141,000 consumers put beef on their shopping list and 35,000 additional beef purchases being made in just a couple of weeks."

The app is available on Google Play.

Source: Beef Checkoff

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