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Battery power more popular for chainsaws, power tools

Battery power more popular for chainsaws, power tools
Battery-powered power tools are finding a niche in tool chests and farm shops.

Here's another sneak peek from the 2015 Farm Progress Show. You will find this product and more than 200 others featured in upcoming issues of Indiana Prairie Farmer. Our team of machinery editors tracked down over 200 new or unique items, many of them new for the first time at the show. They fit a variety of uses around the farm and for others living in rural areas.

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Battery power: These chain saws run off of battery power instead of a gas engine or an electrical outlet.

One in the unique category is a battery-powered chain saw from Husqvarna. Gas-powered chain saws with two-cycle engines have dominated the market and likely still will. Electric chain saws that run directly off electric current appeal to people trimming near a home or barn. Electricity is within reach of an extension cord.

Now there's an option for those who are doing tree work, either pruning or cutting in a woods, and are doing it away from electric sources, but who don't want to deal with the vagaries of gas-powered chain saws. Great for power, some models after time become finicky on starting and maintaining in good condition.

Spokespersons selling these new battery-powered chain saws say they will appeal to those who want a saw that is going to start and work quietly every time.

If there is a drawback, it may be cost. The initial investment is higher. The saws themselves are comparably priced to many gas-powered models in the same range. The catch is purchasing the battery and charger as an initial investment. The battery and charger list for about $300, besides the cost of the chain saw itself.

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A range of sizes of chain saws is available in the Husqvarna line-up. The company also still offers traditional gas-powered chain saws and a variety of other gas-powered and battery-powered power tools.

Battery-powered tools are becoming more popular. DeWalt just introduced a new battery as well for its line-up of battery powered tools.

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