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Barron student wins Ag in the Classroom essay contest

Barron student wins Ag in the Classroom essay contest
Henning wrote about why bees are important to Wisconsin agriculture

Bryce Henning, a fifth grade student from Barron, is the statewide winner of the Ag in the Classroom essay contest. Wisconsin fourth and fifth graders were asked to write a 100- to 300-word essay with the theme, "Why are bees important to Wisconsin agriculture?"

Bryce is the son of Patrick and Amanda Henning and Stephanie Henning. Lindsey Bell is his fifth grade teacher at Riverview Middle School.

A total of 2,853 Wisconsin students wrote essays for the competition sponsored by the Wisconsin Farm Bureau FoundationFrontier-Servco FS and We Energies.

Barron student wins Ag in the Classroom essay contest

The finalist from each of Wisconsin Farm Bureau's nine districts across the state will receive a certificate, educational resources for their teacher and a classroom presentation about Wisconsin agriculture. This year's finalists include:

*Matthew Wanta, Rockfield Elementary School, Germantown, Washington County (District 1)
*Hayden Wrolstad, Northside Intermediate School, Milton, Rock County (District 2)
*Madilynn Mundt, Kickapoo Elementary School, Viola, Vernon County (District 3)
*Emma Paris, LaGrange Elementary School, Tomah, Monroe County (District 4)
*Alexis Ullenberg, St. Mary Springs Academy, Fond du Lac, Fond du Lac County (District 5)
*Ruby Jesion, Christ Child Academy, Sheboygan, Sheboygan County (District 6)
*Molly Haines, St. Anthony School, Oconto Falls, Oconto County (District 7)
*Sam Nitzke, South Mountain Elementary School, Wausau, Marathon County (District 8)
*Bryce Henning, Riverview Middle School, Barron, Barron County (District 9)

The Winning Essay

Why are bees important to Wisconsin agriculture?
By Bryce Henning

There are more 25,000 kinds of bees in the world but there is one kind that really stands out. It is called the honeybee and it is important to Wisconsin's agriculture because of the honey it produces as well as the job it does pollinating plants.

The honeybee produces honey which supports Wisconsin's agriculture and economy. In 2012, the state's honey crop was valued at nearly 9 million dollars. Who would think those little bees could create something worth so much? They are also responsible for more than just creating honey because their beeswax is often used to create candles and other products.

To create honey and beeswax, the bee has to fly from flower to flower collecting pollen and this process is crucial to the flowers. The spreading of pollen, called pollination, is needed for plants to create the food we eat. If we had not honeybees there would be fewer beautiful flowers. Crops such as apples, cranberries, and cherries would also suffer. The cranberry industry alone employs 7,000 people in the state of Wisconsin. Without bees, many people would be without jobs. It is also estimated that nearly one-third of the food we eat is created by the work the bees do.

So the next time you see a little honey bee, think about how it impacts the agriculture in the state of Wisconsin. This amazing insect is important in creating jobs, honey, and pollinating many of our crops.

Bryce Henning is a fifth grade student at Riverview Middle School in Barron.

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