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Ayrstone launches in-cab wi-fi tool

Ayrstone launches in-cab wi-fi tool

AyrMesh Cab Hub enhances connectivity of on-farm wi-fi network system.

Connectivity in the cab of tractors, sprayers and combines just got a boost with the launch of the new AyrMesh Cab Hub from Ayrstone Productivity. The system is an addition to the network tools that include the AyrMesh Hub2n, which is a booster that offers enhanced wi-fi access that's 40 times the power of a standard wi-fi hub.

IN-CAB WI-FI: The AyrMesh Cab Hub builds on the AyrMesh Network to offers more ways to move data from field to office.

The Cab Hub includes a mag-mount antenna and a unique cable that allows the hub to be powered from a 12-volt utility plug. With the system you can link your machine your existing AyrMesh on-farm wi-fi network. That system which uses a network of hubs can boost your land-based Web connection as far as 7.5 miles from the office. This latest product ties into that network.

In the media release announcing the new tool, Bill Moffitt, president, Ayrstone Productivity, remarks: "There is an incredible amount of data collected on-the-go, and getting that data someplace where it can be used is critical to an operation. The most valuable data on the farm, and some of the most difficult data to move where it can be effectively used, are the seed, application and harvest data trapped in the monitors on your machines."

To use the Cab Hub you must already have the AyrMesh network set up on your farm. The AyrMesh CAb Hub retails for $499.95 and can be purchased from a local Ayrstone Pro Partner or on the company website at

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