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August Indiana Prairie Farmer Features Show Program

Make your plans now for Decatur, Ill., show.

The second trip to Decatur, Illinois for the Farm Progress Show promises to be bigger and better than the first. The show will be held Aug. 28-30 on the new semi-permanent show grounds on the northeast corner of Decatur, Ill., near Richland Community College. The site has been officially dubbed Progress City by the local organizers who helps bring the show to the site.

The show will be bigger, literally! For the first time in recent memory, at least, it will feature 11 streets, not just 10. Even with the addition of an extra street on the north side of the exhibit area, organizers say spots are nearly sold out already. Asphalt for the new trait was poured two weeks ago. So again, all streets will be paved, at least with chip-and- seal type technology.

At least the western half of 11th street will be seed corn alley. More than 20 companies will be located there. Many will have plots right behind their tents. That will allow them to show customers who want to see what their newest hybrids and varieties look like an easy chance to get a sneak peak.

Some seed companies will choose to have their own exhibit space inside Progress City, either on their own lot or lots, or in the Varied industries tents. At least one company, Golden Harvest, will have its own space, but will still have HYBRIDS AND/OR VARIETIES IN THE Farm Progress Show demonstration plots. Other companies elect not to put plots out there. It's strictly an option. These are not yield comparison plots, not replicated and will not be taken to yield.

The Farm Progress Show hybrids and variety plots are just a way for companies to show customers their products if they choose to do so. All corn plots were planted the same day, with an 8-row Kinze planter provided by Kinze, with one of the host farmers piloting the rig. Planting speed was right for the planter and the conditions, Jeff says

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