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Attention Farm Youth: Crank Up Those Computers!

Money on the line in youth essay contest.

If you're in grades 7 through 12, is an hour's worth of your time worth $200? It just might be if you use it to write an essay and win the second annual Indiana Prairie Farmer /CountryMark youth essay contest.

CountryMark is excited to sponsor an event that asks young people to think about the future of agriculture, notes Belinda Peutz, director of communications for CountryMark.
This year's topic certainly requires young people to look ahead. The official topic is: "What would you do as secretary of agriculture for a month?"

With the change in leadership in Washington, D.C. and appointment of a new Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilslack, former governor of Iowa, there's a clean slate at the top. So it's a perfect time to learn what a Secretary of Agriculture can and can't do, and to pass along your thoughts as to how he should carry out his new duties. Who knows? Maybe he'll see your essay and take it to heart!

First place receives $200 cash. Second place will be awarded $100, and third through sixth places will receive $50 each. Winners will be announced in the May issue of Indiana Prairie Farmer and winning essays will be considered for publication.

Express your thoughts in a maximum of 300 words. Include a cover letter, specifying your name, written legibly, your year in school, address, including town and zip code, parent or guardian's name, phone number, cell number and email address. Send entries to: Susan Hayhurst, 14477 S. Carlisle Street, Terre Haute, IN 47802. If entries are part of a class project, each essay must still have a cover letter.

Entries must be postmarked by Feb. 15.

Even young people have an opinion about how the government should operate. So put your ideas on paper and prepare to win!

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