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'Ask Questions Please' Because Farms Matter

'Ask Questions Please' Because Farms Matter
Indiana Corn & Soybean Council is reaching out to consumers with social media using #farmsmatter

Is social media something you are "up" on? It can't be too far out of your realm of thinking as you are obviously catching up on your news on the internet right now.

Lots of farms have jumped into social media as a way to connect with consumers and share pieces of everyday life on the farm.  Updating Twitter, providing status updates from the field, barn or shop on Facebook, or sharing pictures on Instagram are ways to stay connected with your fellow farmers and consumers.

Are you a 'Tweeter'? Social media is a great way to connect with others farmers and to share the importance of what you do with consumers.

The Indiana Soybean Alliance has created a forum and hashtag to bring all of this together: #farmsmatter Ask Questions Please. Type this hashtag into any social media platform's search bar and a whole list of posts will appear.  Anything from simple farm updates to questions consumers have about agriculture are categorized under "#farmsmatter." Farmers and ranchers who live it every day and want to share the positive message of agriculture are serving as consumer resources.

Wondering if it works?  In 2013, the #farmsmatter hashtag had over 3 million total "impressions." Impressions are the number of times #farmsmatter was viewed on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Using checkoff dollars to create and fund this program, Indiana Soybean Alliance states that their mission is "to seek to educate and to encourage questions and conversation in order to highlight the important role farming and agriculture plays in our lives. 

"Most farms here in Indiana are FAMILY farms, and we recognize that farmers embrace the responsibility as stewards of our food, land and animals.  We encourage others to share the positive message that "farms matter!"

I seriously encourage each of you to check this out. I have been surrounded by production agriculture my entire life and I learn new things each time I search this hashtag.  Sharing your story is important.

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