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Are You Ready For Next Crop Season?

Are You Ready For Next Crop Season?
This quiz walks you through the Purdue University Crop & Diagnostic Training Center pocket Field Guide.

Do you know everything you need to know to take crop yields to the next level, assuming Mother Nature cooperates? Here's a way to find out.

This quiz is designed to help you become more familiar with the Purdue Corn & Soybean Field Guide. It's based on the 2011 Guide. New 2012 versions have not yet been released.

To help you out, the correct answer and page number where you can find the answer are included at the end of each question. Try the quiz on your own first, then check the answer. Look for more installments of this quiz later.

1)     If you plant 32,000 seeds per acre in 30-inch rows, spacing between seeds should be

a)     5.5 (inches)   b) 6.0    c) 6.25  d) 6.5   e)7.5    (d, 12)

2)     If you plant 36,000 in 20 inch rows, spacing between seeds is

a)     6.5 (inches) b) 7.7    c)8.7     d) 9.7    e) 10.5  (c, 12)

3)      If you plant corn May 20 and have 30,000 ppa, expect __% of optimum yield.

a)     91   b)81      c)71      d) 95     e) 65     (a, 13)

4)      If you plant corn April 20 and wind up with only 22,000 plants per acre, expect ___% optimum.

A)    97   b)87      c)93      D) 75    E) 55     (c, 13)

5)      Roots that aid corn seedling during first two-three weeks are:

A)    Radicle root                        b) brace roots   c) hair roots      d)seminal roots e) floppy root

(d, 14-15)

6)     At the V1 leaf stage, how many leaf collars are visible in corn?  (b, 15)

a)     None          B) one  c) two   d) three e) depends on sign of the moon

7)     The highest and lowest temperature used to compute growing degree days for corn are___:

a)     84, 44         b)82, 50            c)86, 50  d) 86, 48         e) 98.6, 32   (c, 18-19)

8)     The section of the leaf above the leaf collar in corn is called:   (e, 21)

a)     Tassel         b)sheath           C) growing point            d)stalk  e)blade

9)     In a corn plant at stage V4, which leaf is visible from the whorl?

a)     5th   b)4th      c)3rd      d)6th      e) none of these      (a, 22)

10)  Corn typically requires ____GDDs from planting to emergence.

a)     50   b)85      c)125    d)175    e)350     (c, 24)

11)  A hybrid planted May 1 requires 2,800 GDDs to mature. Planted May 31, it needs____

a)     2,600          b) 2,400            c) 2,200 d)3,000            e) won't mature before frost

(Key: a, 26)

12)  By May 30, hew many GDDS typically accumulate in east-central Indiana

a)     100 b)         b) 318   c) 518   d) 718   e) 1,000   (c, 29)

13)  If you plant corn May 23 in central Indiana in a typical year, you have already lost ___GDDs

a)     418             b)518    c) 563   d) 1,000            e) none    (Right answer is 458, not given, 29)

14)  For 1/1000th acre in 30 -inch rows, measure off:

a)     15 feet, 7 in b) 13 ft, 5 in      c)25 feet           d) 16 feet, 5 in   e) none are right

(e- 17 ft, 5 inches , page 280)

15)  Corn frosted at the five leaf stage will likely grow back because

a)corn likes cold b)growing point still below ground c)growing point only at 3-leaf height

d) it won't ever grow back  e) none of these   (b, just know it!)

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