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We are Impressed with RZ Mask's Fit, Feel and Performance

We are Impressed with RZ Mask's Fit, Feel and Performance

Early-season mowing stirs up dust, pollen and mold spores but mask provides protection.

Wearing a typical NIOSH-rated air mask one would use behind a paint gun is a real pain in hot weather when you're running a power mower. The weight and typical "exhaust" of such masks usually keep you frustrated and, if you wear glasses, blind from the condensation of spent breath on the lenses.

The new RZ Mask eliminates both issues with its lightweight design, dual side exhaust valves and a replaceable carbon filter inside.

After these were introduced earlier in 2011, we asked the company for one to try, and I'm pleased to say, "This is a product you can live with!"

Form-fitting and comfortable, the new RZ Mask makes a good mowing companion where dust, mold and pollen can stir up asthma-like symptoms.

Equipped with an N99 activated charcoal filter, the new mask filters out 99.9% of the pollen, dust, allergens, diesel particulate matter and other solid things that don't belong in the lungs or nasal passages. The filtration rate compares quite favorably with most masks that shoot for filtering out only 95% of the particulates.

The RZ Mask covers the nose and mouth and has an adjustable metal bridge to form fit to the bridge of your nose for a snug fit, without heavy rubber straps or pinching.

I am prone to dust allergies, especially in early- and late-season mowing chores on bermudagrass. With this mask there was never a hint of pollen pollution. I was pleasantly surprised.

The RZ Mask comes in more than 20 designs and colors and is available at an MSRP of $29.95 at , or at various agricultural dealers and motorsports outlets across the country.

The company offers a no-hassle money back guarantee, and even though I didn't buy mine, I won't be sending it back!!
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