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Anyone Need a Good Wagon?

Anyone Need a Good Wagon?
Piece of history sells at auction.

There are old wagons and then there are old wagons. When you find a wooden box bed wagon in good shape, with 'John Deere' still visible on the back, pole included and two different hitches, now that's quite a find! At least that's what the auctioneers from Aumann Auctions, Nokomis, Ill., told the crowd gathered outside Dinky's Auction Center near Montgomery last week. From the way the bidders responded, they must have agreed.

The wagon was one of the special items the late Carl Villwock collected over the years. His collection was so vast it was termed a farm museum. No one would argue with that terminology. He even gave tours, but they were always free and given on his timetable, which usually was as long as someone would listen.

The new owner paid $1,750 for the John Deere box wagon. Was that high? Go find another one to compare to- and let us know if you find one. Wagons from that era in that kind of shape, shedded its entire life, are extremely rare.

One of the most eye-appealing tractors offered for sale was a Fordson on steel, an older restoration with a narrow front, and the bright red Moline cultivator conversion intact. The tractor was in running order. The new owner paid $3,400 to take it home. An Oliver 70 Row Crop with two stuck valves, shoddy rubber, and more rust than anything else also went on the block. Someone speculated Carl pulled it home because it was a bargain, but never got around to working on it. Someone else paid $800 for the privilege of giving it a shot.

Odds are you've never seen a Rock Island 15-25 tractor with a Bosch magneto and lugs sell. It was an older repaint, but the mechanics who worked on the tractors had it in running order.

Odds are higher you've never seen a Rock Island 15-25 sell over the Internet. This piece of history sold for $4,000, and someone using the latest in modern technology bought it from their living room, or maybe their farm office, likely hundreds of miles away.

Also in the line and running was a John Deere B. To tractor collectors, the fact that it was a '4 bolt on steel' was a big deal. With a tear-drop gas tank, PTO, belt pulley and offset gas tank, the bidding didn't stop until it reached $3,900. It also got a new home.

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