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Angus Association Releases FY12 Registration, Marketing Data

Angus Association Releases FY12 Registration, Marketing Data
More registrations, higher sales numbers keep Angus breed strong

The American Angus Association released fiscal year 2012 data Monday, showing increases in sale averages and registrations.

In FY 2012, the Association reports overall sale averages increased more than 20% above last year, and registrations are up nearly 7% to 315,007 animals.

"The Angus breed is fortunate to have been built upon strong genetics, solid performance records, superior marketing and, most importantly, producers dedicated to raising the best quality beef imaginable," says Bryce Schumann, Association chief executive officer. "That will keep our breed strong regardless of shifting industry challenges."

More registrations, higher sales numbers keep the Angus breed strong

Records that spanned from Oct. 1, 2011, to Sept. 30, 2012, show Angus bull sales averaged $4,536 per head — a 20% increase over the previous year. Angus females averaged $3,371 per head in reported sales, a rise of 18%.

Registrations also grew in FY12, as members registered 315,007 animals. The top five states for registrations were, in order:  Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Kansas. Of total registrations, nearly 10% were embryo transfers, and the number of artificially sired calves was up slightly, with almost 160,000 reported in FY12. That's an increase of 4% over last year.

Continuing trends in many parts of the industry, more producers are now processing information electronically. About 10% more registrations were stored electronically in FY12, with a total of more than 106,000 registrations (nearly 34% of the total).

"We're always looking for ways to increase convenience for members," Schumann says. "In the coming year, we expect more people to access registration data and other pertinent information on their smartphones using our Angus Mobile app."

In FY12, the Association received a total of 801,793 birth, weaning and yearling weights submitted by 8,262 herds; processed ultrasound measurements on 107,757 animals.

In addition, the USDA Process Verified Program AngusSource enrolled 135,041 head in FY12, bringing total enrollments to more than 900,000 animals since the program began in 2005. AngusSource documents source, group age and a minimum 50% Angus genetics.

In FY12, Angus television reached more than 3 million viewers, thanks to both The Angus Report and I Am Angus audiences on RFD-TV and YouTube.

New in FY12, Angus Productions Inc. launched an online auction website for Angus breeders interested in buying or selling individual animals, groups of cattle, as well as semen and embryos. gives cattlemen, of all sizes, the chance to expand their customer base with a click of a mouse.

While digital efforts are increasing in popularity, print publications remain a staple of the cattle business. In FY12, API produced more than 375 sale catalogs, and page counts for both the Angus Journal and Angus Beef Bulletin are coming in at record highs.

The Angus Foundation, a not-for-profit affiliate of the Association, continues to fuel the breed for the next generation by supporting youth, education and research. In FY12, the Angus Foundation awarded more than $200,000 in undergraduate and graduate student scholarships.

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