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AgriEdge Corn Program Expands for 2008

With increasing acres of corn-on-corn, new options for disease control are being included.

AgriEdge is a crop production system that combines technology, seed traits, genetics and crop protection products. Syngenta is expanding the AgriEdge Corn Program for 2008, adding the insecticide Warrior and the fungicide Quilt. For corn borer and rootworm protection, hybrids stacked with Agrisure RW and CB/LL traits that are tolerant to Liberty® herbicide are being added as well as glyphosate resistance.

"The purpose of AgriEdge is to maximize yield potential by matching high-performance corn hybrids containing Agrisure traits with proven crop protection solutions," says Pat Steiner, program manager for AgriEdge Corn. "The addition of the Quilt and Warrior Brand to the AgriEdge Corn program gives growers a solution for gray leaf spot and in-season insect control. It also addresses the particular needs of continuous corn, where more residue cover encourages more disease activity."

Growers who participate in the program can qualify for up to $15 per bag of seed if they apply certain pre-emergence herbicides, $3 per bag for applying Quilt and Warrior, and $8 per bag by treating rootworm refuge acres with Force CS or Force 3G insecticide.

“A lot of flexibility is built into the AgriEdge Corn program so that growers can customize a high-yield program that is best suited to their way of farming,” says Steiner.

For more details and a 2008 AgriEdge Use Guide, click HERE.

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