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ACWA Supports Iowa High School Water Summit

Students will learn about protecting Iowa's water resources.

Leaders of Agriculture's Clean Water Alliance announce that they are supporting the Governor's 2006 Iowa High School Water Summit. The event is scheduled for November 15, 2006, at the State Capitol, Des Moines, Iowa. It's a one-day competition designed to encourage student leaders to understand the importance of protecting Iowa's water resources and promote awareness of the broad array of challenges facing the state.

Troy Upah is with Ag Partners, LLC a fertilizer and crop chemical dealership in Albert City. That dealership is one of the ACWA member ag retailers. Upah says that ACWA supports these efforts. "We're proud to be a part of activities like this because they not only instruct young people about the importance of environmental awareness, but they also have the potential to contribute to real solutions and leads to concrete activity from these youth leaders."

They'll learn a lot about water quality

The Water Summit is an opportunity for students to research water quality and its relationship to quality of life, economic viability of communities, recreation and public health. The students can recommend changes.

The goal is to give the students a chance to voice their perspectives, strategize on actions to be taken and develop solutions to protect water resources in their own communities. Young people can also network with each other and environmental, educational, governmental and private professionals, and gain a better understanding of other viewpoints while gaining pride in and respect for Iowa's natural resources.

Students participating will learn more about water quality and its relationship to quality of life, the economic viability of communities, and recreation and public health, as well as voice their perspectives, strategize on actions to be taken and develop solutions for protecting Iowa's water resources. Juniors and seniors begin their participation by researching and preparing a paper on one of three scenarios provided. If selected for the Iowa High School Water Summit, the student will present their paper in November.

Participants will be judged on their paper and presentation. Scholarships will be awarded to the top three students:

* 1st place $5,000
* 2nd place $3,000
* 3rd place $2,000

After the summit each student is asked to complete a follow-up report or project with others in the community. Projects include giving presentations to elementary students, business groups, etc., writing an article for their local newspaper, making educational fliers or posters to distribute in the community, starting a program for water monitoring, stream clean-up day, recycling program, etc.

For more information contact ACWA at (515) 283-8706, or go to these Web sites:,,

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