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7 top local ag news stories of 2015

7 top local ag news stories of 2015
We take a look at the most popular local ag stories on Penton Farm Progress sites in 2015

As 2015 comes to an end, we're taking a look back at the most popular local news stories of 2015. Topics are as varied as the regions Penton Farm Progress magazines cover. Enjoy!

7. Four facts about gifting grain. Giving donations of grain to charitable organizations, universities and even family members can reduces your taxes.

 6. Howard G. Buffett: Farmers are not taking care of their greatest asset. The greatest asset farmers have is under their feet – their soil. People think they are taking care of it, but they aren't." That's how Howard G. Buffet kicked off a panel discussion on no-till at the Borlaug Dialogue International Symposium held in Des Moines, Iowa.

We take a look at the most popular local ag stories on Penton Farm Progress sites in 2015

5. Farmers say invisible corn loss is a real phenomenon. The invisible yield loss phenomenon has been batted around for decades. As you might imagine, it's difficult to prove scientifically because ground varies, and the corn harvested Sept 15 was on different soil than the corn harvested Oct 10. But every once in a while, it keeps coming up.

4. Agriculture is being baited on social media. Are we our own worst enemy? Agriculture might be attracting more attention to the haters than they are to themselves.

3. How high is your farm equipment IQ? Take this annual 'farm equipment knowledge quiz.' The questions and answers are based on advertisements and brochures for farm equipment.

2. How clever farm wives get their farmer's attention. Do you know the best way to get in touch with your farmer-husband? This wife has it figured out.

1. What machinery you should never buy 'used'. Northeast farmers share reasons why some farm equipment should never be bought used. What makes the list? Feed wagons, forage harvesters and sprayers – find out why.

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