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4 Types of 'Other Drivers': Who's Sharing the Road with Farm Equipment?

4 Types of 'Other Drivers': Who's Sharing the Road with Farm Equipment?
Ever see a driver in such a hurry to get around farm equipment they use the ditch?

I have spent my fair share of time moving equipment from field to field.  I have traversed a lot of county roads, state roads, U.S. highways, even sat at stop lights in tractors.  In all honesty, my palms still get a little sweaty because I am always worried about the other drivers on the road with me.

Driving equipment down the road I have started to categorize other drivers in my mind into four kinds:

Share the road: Driving equipment between fields isn't always easy, especially when those around you are in a hurry. We all are just doing our jobs and mutual respect is needed.

The Weaver:  He is the car behind you that is absolutely positive you don't know he is back there.  He weaves from side to side like he is a NASCAR driver warming up his tires for the big race. Quite frankly, he annoys me. I want to stop in the middle of the road, go back to his car and say, "I see you and when I see a good place to pull over and let you around I will, but until then could you please stop weaving? You are making me dizzy!"

The Stunned: He is the car coming at you that suddenly realizes how big our equipment is. He freezes right there in the middle of his lane, not moving, just staring at you.  He usually comes at an incipient place where there is a sign, telephone pole, mailbox on your side of the road and you can't pull off in the ditch.

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The Insane:  This is the guy who is in the back of the line, a couple of cars in front of him and then you in the tractor.  He doesn't weave or think twice, he just guns it and goes flying around the cars then is suddenly beside you, often in the ditch.  And no matter the situation he wants to get around you!  These kind scare me the most.

The Saint:  These are the cars that see you coming and pull off or slow down, which allows me to pass or pull over in a safe spot to let them by.  It's also the car that comes up behind you and stays a reasonable distance back and patiently waits for a chance to pass safely.

I know everyone is in a hurry to get where they are going, but patience and common sense on all our parts is required for a safe season.

The opinions of Jennifer Campbell are not necessarily those of Indiana Prairie Farmer or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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