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4 Reasons It's Time to Bid Harvest 2014 Goodbye

4 Reasons It's Time to Bid Harvest 2014 Goodbye
Harvest 2014 in Indiana is coming to a close. I know because I'm tired, clumsy and forgetful!

I can see the light, it seems to be getting ever closer and I long for it! Not "that" light, but the one that shines as the last few rows of corn go into the combine and you suddenly have that moment where everything feels as though it's going to be alright.

And then you immediately start thinking about next year.

It's close, I know it is. Little things keep happening that let me know because they happen when I get tired – like the desire to sit on my dirty kitchen floor and cry, drink out of the measuring cup because it is the only clean thing (at least it appears clean) and not give a second thought about wandering out to the barn to feed the herd in my pajamas.

#harvest14: Our weather has for the most part been cooperative and harvest was bountiful this year, but the light at the end of the tunnel is beckoning me!

But four major things leave me hoping that by the time you read this we are finished with harvest 2014.

1. I fell out of the combine, in front of people! I was busy talking and without thinking tried something even seasoned farmers don't do – the front dismount. I put my boot on the top step, slipped on the dust, and proceeded to hit every single body part on a different step. Then I landed in a pile among the corn stalks.

2. I almost killed the 4640 at a stoplight. Let me say first off that sitting at a stoplight in a tractor is just awkward, but popping the clutch and almost killing it is just embarrassing. It was a Saturday afternoon, I had just come from town and was asked to move the grain cart out to a farm. I blame my shoes and the fact I was in dire need of an afternoon nap. I pride myself on my ability to feather that clutch while topping off a semi; I'm darn good at it. Then I sit at a stoplight in town and pop the clutch.

3. I chose to clean the house. Sunday morning it was time to head out, but I told Chris he was going to have to take the boy – we were drowning in dirty dishes, dirty laundry and mail. As much as it pained me I knew I needed to stay home and clean while we had someone to run the grain cart for me.

4. I wrote this article twice. Yes, twice. This is the second version of this article and it burned me up to have to write it again because I was too brain-dead to hit the 'save' button! I was ahead of the game, ahead of my writing schedule and somewhere in the whirlwind I closed the document without saving. I actually spent more time searching the deep bowels of my computer for it than it took me to re-write it – but I held out hope it was there.

Harvest will be phenomenal for the Midwest this year and while I will be glad to bask in the light of finishing, I will continue to be grateful to be a part of it, even if I yawn in the middle of my thanks!

The opinions of Jennifer Campbell are not necessarily those of Indiana Prairie Farmer or the Penton Farm Progress Group.

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