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30 Days of Blogging for Agriculture: More Reasons Why Modern Ag Works

30 Days of Blogging for Agriculture: More Reasons Why Modern Ag Works
I'm thankful for the technology and tools that make modern grain production work.

November is ticking by and week three of my version of Holly Spangler's 30-day blogging challenge leaves me contemplating crop farming.

We grow corn and soybeans, and a touch of wheat. The past few years we have been 100% non-GMO corn and 100% GMO soybeans, which works for us. We also plant some no-till, some minimal till and some till acres.

There are so many technologies and tools today that help modern crop production. Whether you implement them all or not, they are all innovations that make modern ag work.

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Thankful for modern crop farming: No matter how you choose to farm, modern ag works!

1. Herbicides: Like them or not, there are lots of bad weeds out there that can destroy a crop. Herbicides have come a long way in not only being selective on what plants they affect but also in minimizing the amount of product needed to do the job.

2. Insecticides: Certain insects also can destroy a crop. I'm thankful for having insecticide options that can ensure minimal insect damage.

3. Soil testing: The technology of soil testing today is incredible. By testing nutrient levels on many soil types, it enables producers to put back into the soil what is needed and where it is needed.

4. Manure as fertilizer: Soil health is important. With proper soil testing, manure can be utilized to its fullest potential.

5. Bulk seed: Bulk seed has made moving seed around, storing seed and loading the planter a much easier task. Most seed units also are reusable, so it's a win-win situation.

6. Seed choices: Our family has the freedom to choose what works for our farm, whether that's GMO, non-GMO, or organic seeds and production methods.

7. Tillage options: Implement choices run far and wide these days, from no-till planters to minimum tillage tools all the way to a mold board plow. Again, I'm thankful for the freedom to choose what works best for our farm.

Until next week, be thankful and be careful.

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