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30 Days of Being Thankful for Agriculture

30 Days of Being Thankful for Agriculture
It's November and I am listing my 30 things that I think help modern ag work.

Welcome, November! November is one of those months that sneaks up on me, I get all wrapped up in harvest and surviving and before I know it it's Halloween, Christmas decorations are out in the stores, clocks need changed and the reality that there is life beyond harvest kicks in!

It's time to be thankful. While I try to be thankful all year, it is commonplace for it to take over social media the month of November, and this year is no different.

Prairie Farmer's own Holly Spangler has kicked off her 30 Days of Blogging and while my personal blog seems to be in a major downward spiral I am choosing this platform to take my thankfulness to the masses.

It's November, and you know what that means: Holly Spangler's 30 Days of an Agricultural Blogging Challenge. My topic is #modernagworks.

Instead of posting every day, I will be sharing 7 things once a week that I am thankful for and that I believe make modern agriculture work – #modernagworks. Some will be lighthearted and simple, others will be a controversial, but to me I am thankful for all 30, because I believe they make modern agriculture work.

Week 1:

1. Cab Cam: We have two cameras mounted on our grain cart, one on the unloading auger so that we can see into the semi and one on the back so that we can see traffic while moving between fields on the road. They stream to one monitor in the cab and we can toggle back and forth between cameras. They make traveling down the road a million times safer and have saved countless bushels of crop from spilling over the sides of the semi-trailer.

2. The Differential Lock: While this year has been pretty much ideal ground situations for harvesting in our neck of the woods, there have been years that I have said thankful prayers for Mr. Deere and his associates for the differential lock on the 4640.

3. Smart phones: For so many reasons: weather, parts, communication, information and Candy Crush while waiting between loads.

4. Lights on tractors: I can't imagine not working after the sun goes down. We may not do it every night, but there are times that the work wouldn't have gotten done on time if we didn't have lights to work by.

5. Insulated rubber boots: While I love feeding the livestock, it is especially enjoyable when my toes are warm and dry.

6. Antibiotics: I am grateful for the availability and technology that we have when it comes to livestock health.

7. DMC Calc-U-Dri Moisture Matic: This piece of technology has made drying corn so much less stressful and time consuming for my husband.

Until next week, be thankful and be careful.

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