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3 Indiana Farmers Harvest Free Seed From Crop Watch '14 Contest

3 Indiana Farmers Harvest Free Seed From Crop Watch '14 Contest
Seed Consultants delivers free seed corn to winners.

The goal of the Crop Watch '14 exercise was to follow the progress of a corn field throughout the year. Through that process, hopefully you learned a few things about corn production which will help you in your operation.

As an incentive to help you follow along, Seed Consultants, Inc., Washington Courthouse, Ohio, offered seed prizes for the top entries with the closest guesses to the actual yield of the field.

Earlier this week we revealed that the 35-acre field yielded 248.9 bushels per acre converted to dry bushels. This was a non-irrigated field.

Top winner: Larry Whinery sent in the closest guess to the actual yield in the Crop Watch contest for the Indiana division.

Bringing home first place for the closest guess to actual yield was Larry Whinery, Huntington, in northeast Indiana. He will receive eight bags of seed from Seed Consultants, Inc. for planting this spring.

The second closest guess to the actual dry yield was from Dale Hilbert, Greenwood, in central Indiana. Hilbert will receive six bags of seed from Seed Consultants, Inc.

Finally, third place went to Brian Block. He sent in his entry from his farm near Ft. Branch in southwestern Indiana. Brock receives four bags of seed from Seed Consultants, Inc..

Seed Consultants, Inc., is the annual sponsor of Farm Progress' Crop Watch. The goal is to provide timely information on relevant corn topics, plus give you a chance to win quality seed.

Seed Consultants, Inc., serves primarily Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Look for Crop Watch 2015 to kick off next spring. No two years are the same and 2014 will be a tough act to follow as far as weather and environmental conditions go for most of the Corn Belt. Stay tuned for new rounds of information and challenges in the months ahead.

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