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25X'25 Favors President's Biofuels Plan

25X'25 Favors President's Biofuels Plan

Reducing dependence on foreign oil receives group's support.

The government's plan to advance biofuels for military and commercial transportation needs is in alignment with the 25x'25 vision in its intent to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and strengthen rural America. 25X'25 believes that while aiming to reduce U.S. oil imports and create jobs, the initiative will position American companies and farmers to be global leaders in advanced biofuels production.

The joint plan calls for the Departments of Agriculture and Energy to partner with the Navy with each investing up to $170 million aviation and marine biofuels to power military and commercial aircraft and vehicles. USDA will oversee the production of feedstocks, including bioenergy crops and cellulosic sources such as wood chips and corn stover. DOE will oversee the production technology and the Navy will provide a market for the advanced biofuels.

The United States spends more than $300 billion on imported crude oil per year, much of it from volatile nations or countries ruled by hostile regimes. The 25x'25 vision has long held that producing a domestic source of energy provides a more secure alternative to imported oil and improves our energy and national security.

According to a statement released by 25X'25, the initiative is also an opportunity for the newly created White House Rural Council to flex some muscle by building on the strengths of rural America and insure continued federal investments that create maximum benefits for rural Americans. It's a move that can coordinate programs across the government and encourage public-private partnerships to improve economic conditions and create jobs in rural communities.

25X'25 says it is important that the Obama administration maintain a strong commitment to first-generation ethanol, which currently provides ten% of the nation's fuel supply, but should allowed greater market access.

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