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2015 NYFS Recap: Robotic parlors, new products, draw crowd

2015 NYFS Recap: Robotic parlors, new products, draw crowd
More than 420 exhibitors rolled out a host of new equipment, plant products and technologies targeted for Northeast farmers and livestock producers at the New York Farm Show.

The weather for the 2015 New York Farm Show held off to just above zero degrees, but the crowd didn't seem concerned. This year the show spanned 6 buildings, and over 400 exhibitors.

Appreciation dinner recognizes 30 years
"Basically, we recognized the 30 year exhibitors that have been with us," show manager Scott Grigor said. "When the show first opened 30 years ago, we started out with 80 original exhibitors. We still have 28 that come back every year. Each year, we recognize those exhibitors that have been with us for 10 years, or any other big milestone. We also track about 20 other exhibitor employees that have switched companies from time to time, that have been attending all 30 years."

2015 New York Farm Show Recap: Robotic parlors, new products, draw crowd

Some 259 farmers huddled over the American Agriculturist exhibit during the three-day 2015 New York Farm Show, responding to poll questions about their 2015 crop intentions. Most respondents were from New York State, but a number were from Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

2015 crop intentions
When asked "Will you reduce 2015 corn acreage?", 24% said "yes"; 76% replied "no". That's surprisingly high, given that many of the respondents were dairy producers who rely on corn silage as their main dairy feedstuff.

"Will you reduce corn plant populations this year?" Only 11% replied "yes"; 89% replied "no". That was no surprise, since most corn growers already have carefully refined plant populations to match soil productivity, and are careful with their seed investment.

The poll also asked: "Will you reduce 2015 corn nitrogen rate per acre?" Some 17% said "yes"; 83% said "no". That response also fits the fact that corn growers are looking for places to trim their corn budgets.

"Will you use cover crops in 2015?" Some 39% replied "yes"; 51% replied "no"; another 10% were undecided.

New products featured
Farmers who say "I've seen it all," haven't been to the New York Farm Show. More than 420 exhibitors will roll out a host of new equipment, plant products and technologies targeted for Northeast farmers and livestock producers. Read here the details, submitted by exhibitors, on a few that may tickle your curiosity.


Daily seminars
Digi-Star & Scale-Tec offered daily educational sessions over feed management and ration consistency.

"Setting up and using a feed management program on a day-to-day basis is much easier than most would assume," says Baker. "Once a program is in place, daily feeding adjustments and communication between management and feeding staff are more seamless, and the data collected can be applied immediately to reduce feed losses and improve efficiencies to create a quick return on investment."

Dairy roundtables
Farm Credit East sponsored daily Robot Roundtable discussions at New York Farm Show to help get those questions answered.

"This year's Dairy Robot Roundtables will showcase producers who've incorporated robotic milking into their operations," says John Lehr, farm business consultant for Farm Credit East. "The producers will share insight on their experiences, good and bad, on how robots influence their day-to-day lives."

AMS Galaxy, Delaval and Lely company reps will introduced milk producers using robotic milking systems. The panel of three or four producers covered what made them switch, how they transitioned, what they did right and wrong, plus suggestions for those considering robotics.

Who's who behind the show scene
If you take a moment to look behind the scenes and get to know the show staff and crew that make up the New York Farm Show, you will understand why the show - going on now for 30 years - is such a success. Here is a brief profile of the show staff - going strong.

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