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2014 Farm Progress Show: Editors Select Favorite New Products

2014 Farm Progress Show: Editors Select Favorite New Products
Farm Progress editors roam the Farm Progress Show looking for favorite new products

Farm Progress editors have spent the season roaming fall farm shows, looking for favorite products. Zeroing in on a couple each was a tough choice. Editors included Tom J. Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer; Josh Flint, Prairie Farmer; Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer; and Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist.

This isn't an endorsement of products by Farm Progress, just a selection of what editors saw. Look for 200 new products in upcoming magazine issues.

Flint's Favorites

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Enhance sprayer efficiency with Hawkeye

Leading Edge Industries' Load Judge tool allows semi operators to load to the same level every time and mix corn with different moisture content easily. (Page 4)

Farmers looking to optimize sprayer efficiency should check out Raven's Hawkeye Nozzle Control System. The ISO-compatible system provides individual nozzle control. Each nozzle is controlled by its own individual pulsing valve, which translates into a consistent spray pattern regardless of speed. Hawkeye is compatible with most ISO tank controllers.

Additionally, turn compensation is standard. Nozzles closer to the center will naturally slow down to avoid over-application on turns. Individual nozzle shut-off to avoid spray overlap is standard. Hawkeye launches in November. Go to or call the Sioux Falls, S.D., company at 800-243-5435.

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Claas introduces big tractors

Claas made a big splash in the U.S. market with its new Xerion line of large-frame tractors. Xerion models 4000, 5000 and 6000 are rated at 422, 476 and 517 horsepower, respectively.

One thing setting Xerion apart is Claas' TRAC VC rotating cab option. Swapping forward and reverse make it perfect for mounting material handling accessories. Three packages are available: the Prairie package for air seeding and broad acre farms; the Forage package for silage working, spreading and hauling; and the Standard package for buidling your own Xerion from the ground up. CVT and four-wheel steering is standard. Thirty-one mph transport mode is standard on 4500 and 4000 models. Visit


Tonneson's Top Picks

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Revolutionize ditching

V-Wing Ditchers form Hi-Tec Ag, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, make it possible to surface drain fields in a fast, new way. The new ditchers create wide, shallow ditches. You can farm right through them, says Jeff Penner, the farmer who invented the ditcher. Available in 21- and 32-foot models, V-wing ditchers have a unique dual angle V shape design that makes it possible to move dirt 10 times faster than conventional scrapers, pull blades and rotary ditchers, Penner claims.

The 21-foot model can be pulled with a 250 horsepower tractor, the 32-foot requires at least 450 hp.  The 21-foot model pictured was priced at about $95,000. Call Hi-Tec Ag at 204-857-5219 or see

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Row crop sprayer tracks

A new track system for Hagie Manufacturing's high-clearance, single tank sprayer makes the sprayer look like it belongs on the moon. But the new track system shines in your corn field. Tracks fit between rows and cause less soil compaction than wheels. Track width compares to a 380/105/R50 tire. It has an 802 square inch footprint and creates just 8.4 pounds per square inch of pressure. Maximum field speed is 12 to 14 mph, and 20 mph on the road. Tracks are available on a limited number of Hagie STS12i and STS 15 sprayers. Call Hagie, Clarion, Iowa, at 800-247-4885. See for tests of the track system.


Mindy's Picks

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Hasty hopper

Meridian's new Swing Max offers convenience at the bin site. It uses hydraulics to positon the less than 10-inch tall hopper under any piece of equipment. It can extend 7 to 20 feet. By moving hydraulic control levers, you can retract the hopper from under one truck, lift it up and over the auger and positon it under a second truck.

It's currently in beta testing on farms. The Storm Lake, Iowa, company expects full production in 2015. Contact Meridian at 800 437-2334 or visit:

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Remote-controlled seed release

Dumping seed into tenders from a bulk container just got a little faster and safer. With the wireless box gate opener from IGSE, empty seed from the forklift. It weighs fewer than 21 pounds and is easy to attach to the seed box. The opener stays in place even for that extra 'seed shake.' It runs off a 12-bolt rechargeable battery. S.I. Distributing say it opens and closes more than 275 times on one battery charge. It lists at $995. Contact Ohio-based S.I. Distributing, Inc., at 800-368-7773 or visit


Tom's Top Products

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Know when knife plugs

Know from the cab if an anhydrous ammonia knife plugs with Nitro-lert from Hiniker, Mankato, Minn. If a knife is even partially blocked, or if the manifold is plugged, you'll get an alert signal in the cab. A free-standing unit displays a graph so you know if everything is operating properly. An audible alarm signifies a malfunction. If rust or anything else blocks a line, you'll know. Price varies depending upon the applicator. Call 507-625-6621 or visit:  

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Load semi-trailers quickly and accurately

Green, flashing lights on sensor bars at the Load Judge display weren't just a gimmick. Bars mount inside a semi-trailer. Coupled with a moisture sensor and smartphone or tablet app, you sit in the cab and watch the trailer load. Blend in corn with different moisture contest easily, reps say. They tout it for huge time savings, loading to the same level each time, plus keeping you out of dirt, dust and cold. Invented by a farmer, learn more from Leading Edge Industries, Groton, S.D., at 605-397-2020 or


Show Extras

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

State of the art spreader

Spread manure evenly with Kuhn’s new SLC 132 side-discharge spreader, part of the SLC100 Pro-twin Slinger series, which includes the SLC 141 and SLC 150. The SLC 132 features a wider discharge for faster unloading. It’s fully adjustable and the machine is designed to prevent bridging in the tank. All drive components and drive chains are now located in an enclosed oil bath at the front of the machine. Contact Kuhn North America, Inc., Brodhead, Wis., at 608 897-2131 or visit

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Fourth-generation seed treater

If you’re serious about treating seed and have a large workload, check out the newest LPV seed treater from USC Seed Treating Solutions. This improved model features a larger, 42-inch, tilting drum which allows you to treat more seed in a given time period.  A wider frame gives more stability to the unit. An adjustable chamber provides unique control of seed flow. Ballpark price for the treater is $50,000. Contact USC, Sabetha, Kan., at 785-431-7978, or visit:

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Minimum disturbance applicator

Apply nitrogen while disturbing a minimal amount of soil with the Genesis SABT nutrient applicator from AgSynergy. It’s designed to be a high-speed applicator. The unit shown is set up to apply anhydrous ammonia, but liquid and dry application options are available. You can also buy individual row units to mount on your toolbar. List for the TRT30, 12-row rig is $58, 854. Learn more by contacting AgSynergy, Seneca, Kan., at 785-336-6333, or visit

Editors Select Favorite New Products from 2014 Farm Progress Show

Produce quality welds anywhere

The Fronius AccuPocket 150/400 claims to be the world’s first MMA welding system with an integral battery that gives you freedom to move anywhere and do both electrode stick welding and TIG welding. It weighs just over 20 pounds and has a high-performance lithium battery.

The charge gives you about six to eight sticks of welding. Rapid-recharge it in about 30 minutes. Charge it on a 100 outlet. It’s distributed by Huber Supply based in Iowa and Minnesota. Call 641-423-9115 or see

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