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13 Farm Safety Tips

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13 Farm Safety Tips
Thirteen may be your lucky number -- if following one of these tips helps you avoid an injury or fatality this harvest season.

Ask yourself if your farm is safe. Then fix the first two things that immediately come to mind.

That's advice from Paul Johnson, South Dakota State University Extension field specialist, Watertown.

"If you can readily think of two, how many more might there be? If you can't think of any, bring in someone to look over your farm for safety concerns. This way you may find problems you did not even think of," he says.

Most insurance companies will bring someone free of charge to look over your operation to help you out. Sometime there are small changes that can make a big difference in safety and may save a life or serious injury.

Johnson offers the following 13 safety tips:

  1. Make sure all safety guards and retrofits are on the farm machinery.
  2. Follow good crop storage practices to avoid bin problems later.
  3. Follow safety recommendations for storage and use of farm chemicals.
  4. Don't allow extra riders on farm, lawn or recreational equipment that is not designed for it.
  5. Don't be in a hurry. It will cost you time in the long run.
  6. Make sure field approaches are wide enough for equipment and well-marked.
  7. Make sure all lights on equipment are working and in good condition if night work is planned.
  8. When moving large equipment make sure you know where all power lines are located.
  9. Have some spare flashers handy in case of a breakdown on a road.
  10. Take plenty of breaks and get as much rest as possible.
  11. Before moving equipment know where all peoples are at and are accounted for.
  12. Never approach equipment without the operator signaling it is ok.
  13. Don't over ride or disconnect safety switches.
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