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Steward EC insecticide in innovative formulation

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved the registration of DuPont Steward EC Insecticide, giving growers proven control of key lepidopteran insects in an improved, more convenient formulation.

Steward EC has been approved for use in numerous states, with additional state registrations expected before the start of the product use season.

“Many growers already count on DuPont Steward insecticide to keep key insects from taking a bite out of their profits,” said Joe Mares, DuPont product manager. “However, customer feedback indicated that the formulation was somewhat cumbersome to use. Our research team took those comments and developed a solution that fits. Steward EC features that same proven performance in an innovative new formulation that is easy to use, mixes thoroughly in the spray tank and provides maximum crop coverage.”

Steward EC is now formulated to help eliminate mixing, handling and clean up issues that concern growers. Optimal performance is delivered through an oil solvent and surfactant package as a clear solution that does not need to be shaken, just opened and poured. The active ingredient is completely dissolved and there are no particles to re-suspend. When mixed in the spray tank, little agitation is required and containers are cleaned by simply rinsing with water.

“Because of its novel mode of action, Steward EC is a good fit in resistance management programs,” Mares said. “And because it is soft on beneficial insects when used at label rates, it also works well in an integrated pest management program.”

Steward EC features excellent crop safety on all targeted crops, and it can be tank-mixed with most registered insecticides to address specific pest concerns, Mares said‥

For more information about the availability of Steward EC in your state, contact a local retailer or DuPont representative.

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