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State labels pending in California, Arizona

Fulfill gets approval on vegetables Vegetable growers have a new way to help prevent problems with aphid control. Fulfill insecticide, from Novartis Crop Protection, Inc., has received EPA registration for use on fruiting vegetables and cucurbits.

State labels are pending in Arizona, California, Florida and New York.

Fulfill is already registered for aphid control in potatoes and tobacco nationwide.

PCAs and growers have often had to rely on broad-spectrum insecticides to prevent aphid infestation and damage. Too often that limited option has led to resistance, pest flare-up and multiple applications. The active ingredient in Fulfill, pymetrozine, is a unique compound that offers a different mode of action than any other insecticide registered for use.

"Aphids can be a significant problem in vegetable crops and can build resistance to insecticides quite rapidly," says John Koenig, technical manager with Novartis. "It's good for pest control advisors and growers to have a new material with a different mode of action that won't harm beneficial insects."

Rotational partner Fulfill is also an effective rotational partner and will fit well in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. Research trials show minimal impact on non-target beneficial insects or pollinators. The combination of residual control and IPM fit mean Fulfill can help vegetable growers reduce the number of applications needed for aphid control without causing flare-ups of other pests.

"Pymetrozine represents a new generation of crop protection products that will become increasingly important to growers," says Greg Faust, vegetable crop director with Novartis. "It's one of several products Novartis is developing that offer new solutions to pest control problems in vegetable crops."

Fulfill works by quickly stopping aphids from feeding after they come in contact with, or ingest, the active ingredient. Feeding and plant damage stop within the first two hours after application although aphids may be visible on treated plants for several days.

Once it contacts the plant, the active ingredient in Fulfill exhibits excellent translaminar activity. This means it quickly enters leaf tissue, creating a reservoir of material that continues to be active against aphids for up to two weeks.

In addition, Fulfill won't interrupt crop management activities. The worker re-entry interval for Fulfill in fruiting vegetables and cucurbits is 12 hours, with a 14-day pre-harvest interval.

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